What is an ENFPs Core Values?

You can find out an ENFPs core values by grouping all their letters together two and two. This way, you can also see how your values compare to other personality types. You’ll find you have some similarities with ENFJs, and some with INFPs, and some with INTPs.

Extroversion and iNtuition or iNtuition and Perceiving or Feeling and Perceiving, for example create the value of freedom and change.

Extroversion + Perceiving (EXXP) Learning

Seeing new sights. Learning new things. Exploration and adventure. Being out in the world. First-hand learning, research, experimentation. Not delaying, doing what you can with what you have in front of you. Jumping at a new idea as soon as you have it. Digging into and learning everything you can about something.

Extroversion + iNtuition (ENXX) Freedom

I want the freedom to explore original ideas and to try out new things. The unknown is fascinating and I want to experience it head on. I do not want to feel constrained or stuck in a specific role or place. Experiences should be rich and different, I do not want to relive the same day over and over again.

Extroversion + Feeling (EXFX) Connection

I want to be able to express myself and to be myself around other people. It is important to me that people do not judge me. I want people to like me and to understand me. I want people to see things the way I see them. You should speak out for what you believe in no matter what people will say about it.

Feeling + Perceiving (XXFP) Authenticity

I want to be able to be fully honest and authentic in everything I do. I want to have a unique role or identity in the world. The way I see it, I do not want to adjust or conform. I want people to care for me and to accept me just the way I am. I do not want to compromise on anything, I want to realise an ideal.

iNtuition + Perceiving (XNXP) Change

I want to go my own way in life. As an ENFP, I am not going to submit to the flow or be like everyone else. I want to be able to question things and to show people new perspectives. There should be a greater vision or purpose for me in the world. I will not adapt or try to fit in the mold, I was always born to stand out.

iNtuition + Feeling (XNFX) Idealism

Doing the right thing no matter what is practical. Questioning the system and society you live in. Realising crazy or unusual ideas even though nobody else thinks it is possible. Finding a soulmate or unique friendships and experimenting with different lifestyles. Creating new traditions.

Learn more about the core values for all the 16 personality types here: https://www.psychologyjunkie.com/2018/08/18/heres-what-your-core-values-are-based-on-your-personality-type/

Let me know what values speak most to you as an ENFP in the comments below!

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