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10 Things Introverted iNtuitives “Sages” Want You To Understand

INFJ and INTJ behaviour can be really tricky to understand. They are often unconvential and strange. They don’t follow traditional recipes and methods. These types tend to have strange or unusual beliefs. They struggle to explain their own thinking process. This is because they use Introverted iNtuition, a cognitive function that loves originality and the unknown. These are ten things all INFJs and INTJs would like you to know about them.

1. Introverted iNtuitives need space

Introverted iNtuitives need space and time to fully access their intuition. What that means is, they cannot think on the spot, or be pushed or pressured into expressing their thoughts and perspectives. Space is where an Introverted iNtuitives intuition works best.

That doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with us though. It just means we prefer hanging out in low sensation environments. We enjoy silence in between conversations and time to process between each topic.

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2. Introverted iNtuitives need to be asked questions

Introverted iNtuitives types need to be provoked by good, open-ended questions. Open questions can help them overcome mental blocks and can give them the stimulation necessary to grow and develop healthy perspectives on the world.

3. Don’t pressure an Introverted iNtuitive to get into specifics

Let Introverted iNtuitives stay a bit on the general or speculative end and do not ask for definitive proof or evidence for everything they say. It is okay to ask for examples and to require some things to be elaborated but it is not always possible to explain everything with full precision. This is because Introverted iNtuition deals with things that cannot be fully proven.

4. Appreciate an Introverted iNtuitives weirdness

Original and different perspectives are what an Introverted iNtuitive is about. And yes, Introverted iNtuitives tend to not really “fit in” and tend to be a bit aloof. But strangers, and people that are different, can offer many interesting and rich perspectives.

Bill Pullman plays an Introverted iNtuitive in “The Sinner” on Netflix. He is a detective that will just observe and give little away. He is quirky and eccentric and takes his time to form conclusions and opinions.

5. INXJs need to focus

It is important for an Ni-flow type to be able to have focus and a clear vision of things. Time to form an idea or to get in-depth in something is important. Do not try to rush an INTJ or INFJ to form an opinion about something. Give them time to specialise and get a broader picture of a situation. Let them observe and think about what they see.

6. INXJs do not like to improvise

Ni- types tend to throw out or avoid anything that is in the way of their goal or focus. They’ll literally pretend it’s not there. That makes it easier for this type to keep moving forward.

The good thing is they will not be fazed by external circumstances and can focus. But on the negative side, they might need your help to get rid of nearby obstacles and issues, or they’ll walk right into it.

7. Introverted iNtuitives may struggle to listen or process words

Ni types may struggle with listening for a longer time or need a longer time to process new information. Often, they may resume old or “finished” conversations.

They may bring back old topics that you talked about an hour ago or months ago, depending on how long it takes them to process it. But questions, open-endedness, abstraction and creativity can help keep an INFJs attention going.

8. Introverted iNtuitives need to be given chances and opportunities

Often, these types lack or miss initiative, especially when it comes to new opportunities and possibilities. They can stare themselves so blind at one long term goal that they miss everything that needs to be done in between.

So if you can gently nudge and show the INXJ new opportunities in the here-and-now, and if you can give an INXJ a chance to test their skills out in reality, they can often surprise you.

9. Don’t ask an INXJ “How they did it”

Or do, that’s okay, but don’t be surprised if their “way of doing things” sounds needlessly complicated and abstract. It is hard for an INFJ or INTJ to put words to explain their actions and their behaviour. Often, it sounds completely backwards.

10. Let an INXJ go against conventions

INTJs and INFJs are not necessarily rebels in the traditional sense. They are not people who tend to outright question or attack ideas or traditions in their society. But they are people that tend to unexpectedly have different ways of thinking about societal matters, politics, how to clean the house, or how to solve a math equation. This is because often, they like to “invent the wheel” on their own. They won’t read instructions and will instead try to figure out a method and solution on their own.

Do you know any INFJs or INTJs and what do you think about these types?

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