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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

What Are The Top Ten Best INFJ Careers

Thinking about getting a career as an INFJ? I’ve been doing some research and I’ve spotted six general directions INFJs should explore when creating their best fit career. As thanks to all my patreons I want to offer more career and work advice so that all types can find a best fit career and happiness and flow at work. And four more for the INFJs that feel a little extra daring…

Best Careers For INFJs

What is the best job for an INFJ? I think an INFJ can create healthy flow in a wide range of workplaces. But there are a few ingredients necessary for an INFJ to be happy at work. If you can’t have a mix of all six components in your work, your work will not feel completely satisfying.Β 

  1. Academic Sector

If you go into the academic sector, consider humanist fields first. Or focus on social impact-research and research into nonprofits, humanitarian initiatives, or how your particular field can help bring about social progress.

Ideas should be the primary lead, new initiatives, or ways to reinterpret something. But it’s important these ideas will be important to the community and that you can help others through your research, or you will feel it is cold or meaningless.

2. Entrepreneurial Sector

In the entrepreneurial sector, it’s good to avoid thinking about money and influence and to focus on social impact and who you’re trying to help. Is there a problem you’re trying to solve or a group you’re trying to provide a service for? Communication is a great niche for INFJ entrepreneurs, working as a consultant helping businesses develop, coaching, or mentoring others.

3. Creative Sector

Fields that stimulate your creativity, where you can work on design, development, and projects can be great for you as an introverted judging type.

Here, you can take days to carefully forming and shaping and building something. But make sure it’s something that feels valuable to you. Maintain originality in your ideas and make sure you don’t feel pushed to create something that feels inauthentic to you. 

4. Counselling Sector

You may think of working as a counsellor but counselling helps in a lot of fields, like HR, as a diplomat, or anywhere where you need to work on mediating between different groups.

These areas require strong listening skills and awareness of tact and nuance, but you have that in plenty. Just make sure you can maintain your independence and that you don’t become a push over or overadaptive to others by setting some intellectual standards for yourself that you won’t compromise.

5. Nurturing Sector

Here you may be working directly to help and support others through acts of charity, giving, support, or through a nonprofit. Perhaps you work as a chef or as a bartender or barista in a coffee shop. Perhaps as a healthcare provider, nurse, or doctor. In these fields, it’s better to work in sectors that require a deep and broad education as otherwise you may become intellectually understimulated. 

6. Idealistic Sector

This is the sector where social initiatives start and where new ideas and projects become reality. The idealistic sector is all about realising crazy dreams and about having a positive social impact. These careers can be great for you – especially if you work as a developer or behind the scenes. Avoid being too much in the spotlight here, as this may overwhelm you or cause you to become too scattered. 

These are the six primary fields I’ve discovered for INFJs that are particularly good for you. And here are four challenges that could be great for you…

Four Challenging Careers For INFJs

  1. Opportunities Sector

These fields require a high curiosity and openness to new experiences. You’ve got to be willing to try new things, go to new places, and study up new fields. It’s going to challenge you to be less cautious and to be more open minded and ready to take some risks once in a while.

Think of working in a travel agency or as an event planner, you’ve got to be ready to surprise people and capture their interest. Surprise and enthusiasm is the key ingredient for your success in this field, and you like to keep your head under the water just a little bit longer than this field might allow you. But it can get you out of your head and offer a great deal of intellectual growth.

2. Relationships Sector

Want to be responsible for building and developing relationships between organisations and its members? Want to work with high quality services and fields that require intimacy, connection, and interpersonal skills?

It’s going to be a little out of your comfort zone, and requires you to be open and to engage others more closely than you normally might want to. Imagine working with gifts, services, presentation and workplaces where you have to attend meetings. The quality of your work and your ability to offer special experiences and intimate relationships is going to be the key ingredient to success in the relationships sector. 

3. Creative Sector

These fields require you to keep an adaptable and creative mind. Perhaps you have to oversee processes and overcome obstacles and keep things new and fresh. In the creative sector, you constantly need to spot new angles and viewpoints.

Every day, you need to find a new angle or method to do something, and your relevance depends on how interesting you can make it. INFJs have a tendency to get a little obsessive and a little stuck on their one single idea or vision, but the creative sector can teach you to think outside the box more. 

4. Artistic Sector

These fields require you to be a little more personal and vulnerable than you might normally want to. Here, how you dress, act, and present is a key part of how good your job is. You have to reveal yourself with your work and your art or music, and people are going to be curious about you, your thoughts, and your personal life. And admit it, INFJ, you don’t like to be seen like that, but perhaps it could be a positive experience and rewarding? 

For all you INFJs, what is your ideal career? What do you currently do? What sectors tie the most into your current job or career? What changes would you like in your job description to have more flow at work? 


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