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15 Big Differences Between INFJs and INFPs


INFJ vs INFP. INFP or INFJ. Which one are you? You took the INFJ vs INFP test online, but you got 50% on both. And then you read some articles, but you related to both types. Okay, you studied the cognitive functions, but you couldn’t tell which one you used more. God damnit. Are you an INFP or INFJ?

INFJ vs INFP Cognitive Functions

INFJ Cognitive Functions: Introverted iNtuition (Ni – The Sage) Introverted Feeling (Fi – The Utopian) Feeling Judging (Fj – The Caregiver) and iNtuitive Judging (NJ – The Entrepreneur)

  • Good at supporting and helping others 
  • Kind and charismatic
  • Big all encompassing vision

INFP Cognitive Functions: Introverted iNtuition (Ni – The Sage) Introverted Feeling (Fi – The Utopian) Feeling Perceiving (Fp – The Muse) and iNtuitive Perceiving (Np – The Rebel)

  • Good at standing up for their personal beliefs and viewpoints
  • Honest and authentic
  • Strong sense of identity

Can’t figure this one out? Go out and do stuff. Get out of your head for a bit and actually run some experiments. You’ll figure it out, no worries.

INFJ vs INFP Temperament

INFJ Temperament: The Developer — the archetype of someone trying to remake and shape the world in accordance with their own image and ideals. You think the world should be organised and changed and remade somehow. You want to create something original that has not been there before.
INFP Temperament: The Analyst – think of somebody that studies the world based on how it aligns with their own values. The world is a place to be thought about and reasoned with. The world can be fixed and improved and made better. You have suggestions and advice and ideas that can help others.

INFJs vs INFPs in stress

INFJ in stress: Think of the unhealthy opposite of an ESTP. Somebody who NEVER DID ANYTHING. Somebody who cheated and took shortcuts to stay alive. Someone who missed every single opportunity around them. Someone who never stood up for themselves. Consider someone who pretended to be happy when they were upset.
INFP in stress: hink of the unhealthy opposite of an ESTJ. Somebody who never did any work ever. Then, imagine somebody who procrastinated all the time. Somebody who never adjusted to the tribe and ignored every group agreement. Try thinking about somebody who refused to listen to others. Somebody who never showed any discipline or resilience.

Remember, there is a difference between being bad at something and not being able to do something. The INFJ can rise beyond this if they want to. If you’re not able to deal with this at all, that is a sign of some kind of cognitive disability or impairment, or possibly a trauma. 

INFJ vs INFP in Growth

The INFJ in growth? At their best, and through support and encouragement, they will be open to options and trying new things. They’ll keep an open eye. But as soon as the weather around them starts to change, they will become anxious and start to pull back where the INFP would persevere.

  • Wants to open up. But feels easily judged or shut down when they try to share of themselves
  • Wants to change and try out something new but gives up before they even try.
  • Wants to open up and expand and become more aware but is naturally more narrow minded/focused

Sure, the INFP can be very caring and supportive and wants to be a good friend, but if the INFP starts feeling screwed over or manipulated, they’ll be scared and pull back. Yeah, they can sometimes show visionary drive, but as soon as that vision starts to hit a dead end or they lose their momentum, they’ll start spotting a cute butterfly and get lost.

  • Wants to help and support others but feels their help is not appreciated/wanted.
  • Wants to sit down and dedicate themselves to a project but get easily distracted
  • Wishes they could show more focus and persistence but keep thinking of better things to do

In short, INFPs and INFJs tend to idealise each others. 


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