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The New World #1 Writing Challenge

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The writing challenge for this month is “A new world”

Imagine a different world or place that is different to your current world or life in some way. Try to describe something important to you or an inner struggle or core value using this new setting as inspiration to gain new perspective and insight into who you you are and your current life!

The challenge runs until October 21st, and you can post your submissions to our community subreddit!

My submission

See my submission and get inspiration by reading the below story!

Elements test, Air Test, Earth Test, Fire Test, Water Test

Imagine a world ruled by elements and gods and divine forces. In today’s story, we’re using everything we’ve learned about personality psychology to build a world of archetypes and examples that can help us understand different psychological concepts. 

In the world, there are four elements. Ketek, representing mass, and his twin brother, Drak, symbolising force. Lapis, present in all liquid, and Mira, representing air and vapor. Those are the four elements that make up life. Throughout all of time, Drak has always been seeking dominion over all of life.

Ambitious and resourceful, Drak would push, manipulate and drive the other elements against each other, tearing their bonds apart, hoping that he would eventually become master all of all. However, despite his will, Mira was always wise enough to see through his intentions. Lapis was always able to forgive and let go. And Ketek would always hold steady and calm. All born on the same day, from the mother of all, Aeternos, they would all join together to celebrate their birthday in the warmest day of summer. No matter how heated the conflict got, they would all show up and let their conflict go as best they could, for otherwise they would upset Lapis.

Lapis, loving and kind, wanted nothing but for the twins to get along. She did her best to surprise them with thoughtful gifts and words of encouragement. She admired Draks spirit, but struggled with his anger and intensity. She adored the intellect of Mira, but was turned off by her sometimes cold, detached mind. And she respected Ketek, but struggled with his stubborn, uncompromising nature. Lapis had one principle need in life, to feel unity and connection to others. No matter how bad things got, she never lost hope that things could get better. The birthday party was her chance to put things right between the four Elementals. And so, she cooked, and prepared, and did everything to put things right.

Late in the evening, the day before the party, she was joined by Ketek. “You should not have to do all this hard work all alone.” he said, deciding to give her a hand. “But don’t you think it’s pointless? Drak has gone too far. He will never reconcile.” 

“He can be taught.” A voice sounded behind them. It was Miras thoughtful voice they heard. “I have a plan.” she said. “A plan to make him understand.” 

On this fateful day, three of the twins had come together with a plan to stop Drak from his futile attempts to sow tension. Working together, they had built a special, new element, Kalamis. Kalamis was harder than diamond and could not be moved or pushed. Ketek proudly showed off his new creation to Drak. Drak did not let himself be amused.

“I can rip, and tear, and break this new element apart.” he bellowed confidently. 

“Not even Aeternos herself could do such a thing.” Mira said, thoughtfully, yet with a hint of curiosity to see what would happen next.

Drak did not have the patience to wait. He charged at Kalamis with all that he had. He shouted, and screamed, and pushed, and burned, but Kalamis was still and lifeless as an automaton. Made by all other elements, he had still to be given the blessing of life by Drak.

The others laughed at his boasts, but Drak was not about to give up. He could simply not stand the thought of losing his face in front of the other Elementals. 

“If I am able to break Kalamis, would you all admit me as the rightful king, to rule and lead all?” he said, confidently.

The others smiled at this, the plan was all coming along. Ketek was the first to accept, arrogant and always so sure of himself. Lapis went back and forth a few times, weighing her options. Mira answered in riddles as always, but the intention was clear. “You will take your place as the highest and brightest star of us all.” she said. 

So for years, Drak developed a new hobby. Charging, and pushing, and throwing himself at Kalamiss lifeless, unyielding substance. He did not see it at first, but over time, his powers seemed to weaken. He was no longer as hot as he used to, no longer as strong as he was known to be. The people of the world were first happy, speaking of milder summers, less fierce storms, and less war and conflict in the world. But over time, people began to miss the power of Drak. The winters had grown colder, food more sparse, and even the sun itself seemed less generous. 

The three twins came together to Drak to stage an intervention. “It’s over Drak. You are powerful, sure, but power can’t accomplish anything on its own. Won’t you let this silly feud go?” Lapis pleaded with him, tears in her eyes, but to no avail.

Drak might not have his power, but he was as passionate and ambitious as always. Yelling at the others, his face grew red. He swore at the others, speaking bloodthirsty of revenge. He accused them of cheating. He exclaimed that he would never give up. In one last, desperate swoop, he poured all his energy and power into one massive burst of flame, completely enveloping Kalamis. Angry, enraged, he would not stop spouting flames, and violently, he kept going until there was nothing in him left to give. 

Falling to the ground, he panted, waiting for the smoke to rise. Now, surely, the problem must have been solved. Kalamis must be gone. He even begun to crack a smile. He had won, at last!

He was interrupted however, by fate, and they all heard a big earthquake shake the world. It was Kalamis, whos eyes had suddenly begun to burn flaming red. The panic was clear in all their eyes. None had ever seen anything like this before. It seemed that Draks extreme will had rubbed off on him. He made an evil grin, and then disappeared into nothing.

“Is that not Mira’s power of invisibility?” Mira said. Mira nodded. They were all startled now. None knew what was going to befall them now. It seemed that they had unleashed something bigger than all of them. But none of them knew where Kalamis had gone. 

While change was slow at first, the world had begun to change around them. New mountain chains grew from underneath the oceans, creating new land. New forms of life began to appear, first just simple plants and trees, then small critters, and later, big, complex animals. The old elements grew increasingly threatened, but all chose to handle the situation differently. 

Mira had disappeared, but the sky was full of clouds – you could see her thinking, planning, and strategizing. Lapis worryingly drifted from beach to beach, confused about what to do. Ketek buried himself deep underneath the ground, hoping nobody would be able to touch him. Drak did his best to burn away at any trace of Kalamis, but he was never able to find the original body.

And that was the beginning of the New World.



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