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Personality Description Updates

I’ve decided to update my personality descriptions, let me know what you think about these suggestions!

INFJ “The Magician”

Being one of the more rare personality types in the world, the INFJ is known for a deep innate sensitivity. But this is not immediate clear to the people around them. Because they tend to be quite private, they prefer to keep their emotions hidden from the world. Outwardly, they can project a tough exterior, but inwards, they can experience quite dramatic emotions and feelings. Similarly, on the outside, they can appear quite plain, spending little time on their appearance or how they dress. But on the inside, they can be quite complex and deep.

Because of their sensitive nature, they are often very introspective types with a strong self-awareness. They think a lot about their feelings and their identity, and often approach their own emotions from a theoretical point of view, as something abstract. Their desire is to understand themselves existentially, taking a philosophical viewpoint to understand the self and their dreams and ideals. And while they keep this side of themselves hidden from others, they have a deep yearning to be of positive influence to other people. 

Wishing to help and support and nurture other people, they often take the role of healers and counsellors to others, using their personal insight and rich perspective to give advice to others. There is a curiosity and hunger in this type to understand people and existence itself. What does it mean to be alive? What is it really, to be happy? 

This is a highly empathetic type, and a type that will always try to put themselves in the shoes of other people. They wish to see the perspective of others, and are more than prepared to step aside to give other people a chance to come forward. It’s not uncommon for this type to hold back their own feelings and opinions in the name of what’s best for humanity. 

On an intellectual level, however, the INFJ is a quite independent type. The INFJ is a person with a high sense of vision and focus. Generally, they prefer to be in full control of their projects. They want to implement their ideas on their own, rather than compromise or collaborate on an idea in a creative environment with other people. It’s because of this, they can often become the spider in the web, the person that manages the entire project from behind the scenes. Wanting to be involved in every step of realising their ideas, they can discourage collaboration because “they already know everything.”

They want to come to an insight alone and avoid including others in their own thought process. Instead, they commit 100% to themselves and their own process, going inside to find answers to their questions. And after they’ve found the answers they seek, they are eager to share them with other people, or to use them to help humanity in some way.

INTJ The Innovator

INTJs are primarily interested in two things: Science, and progress. Using reason to develop a scientific methodology, you create systems for problem solving and decision making. 

Your hope is that your mind and your ability to think far into the future can help you become a successful entrepreneur. And you’re industrious enough to make most things happen, provided you don’t ignore what’s right in front of you. 

Make sure your ideas of what you want long-term don’t ignore your present circumstances and important day-to-day problems. You are logical and you have the focus and self-control to keep moving forward, but life is sometimes going to get in the way, and you’re not going to be able to think your way out of everything. 

ISTP The Fixer

Gifted with patience and a bright mind, you see easy and swift solutions to any problem that comes up. You’re spontaneous and always ready to take action. ISTPs think in terms of moves and countermoves. If this happens, then I do that. 

They are instinctive problem solvers but have no problem taking their time to make sure everything is right. Preferring to take a rational and practical approach to life, you like to keep things running smoothly, making sure you stay on top of any issue that comes up. 

At other times, you can lack foresight and struggle to think about long-term consequences. At times, you might keep things easy for yourself, choosing whatever feels best in the moment. Luckily, you’re resilient enough to deal with the consequences and flexible enough to think on your feet if this comes back to bite you. 

ENTJ The Kickstarter

Productive and effective, you rely on a combination of force, industriousness and sheer passion to get you forward in life. ENTJs make gifted innovators and influencers. They have the ability to push, motivate, and engage the people around them. 

Armed with a commanding voice and a gift at seeing trends and possibilities, but sometimes struggling to listen to your body and your gut feelings about someone or something. Sometimes you have such a desire to keep moving forward  one might think really you’re just running away from something? 

ENTJs are full of initiative – they usually have a new idea to try and the mind to get it rolling. Often, they are unable to think about the potential consequences of an action, and optimistically only see the positives of something. It can be hard then, when other people say no or disagree with you. But it can also be a challenge to prove yourself and what you are able to achieve.

ENFJ The Storyteller

Passionate and full of dreams and ideas, ENFJs love to spark enthusiasm and curiosity in the people around them. They are not afraid to talk about the dark and ugly – as well as the bright and promising that lies ahead. 

ENFJs love to spark emotion and encourage passion in the people around them. They are often pioneers – and like to make the first move. The more original or strange something is, the more curious it becomes. Ultimately, the ENFJs hope is that their ideas and projects are going to be of help to humanity somehow. 

There is a desire here, to change people and to inspire them to be better. To encourage people to be more open minded and to be more brave. So the ENFJ is a natural coach and motivational speaker, but also a figure of support, someone that likes to back people up and to stand up for the small person.

INFP The Dreamer

In the INFP, you will find someone who outwardly might not appear much, but inside, has a deep and complex inner world and bright and original ideas. Open-minded, yet sometimes stuck in the twilight zone, this is a dreamer and a person who often prefers the sanctity of their mind over the day-to-day practical chores and responsibilities they might face. 

INFPs are innately sensitive types, and tend to hold emotions inside, where they feel things deeply and in high nuance. This makes them introspective types with typically high self-awareness and an interest in self-discovery. INFPs are individualists and interested in themselves, their identity, and their self-expression. Who am I and how can I stand up for and be myself?

ENTP The Inventor

The ENTP personality type is first of all an inventor and a real life McGuyver, someone that can take different ideas and put them together to see what the outcome is. ENTPs are often drawn up as the contradiction of “The Cool Nerd” as they combine enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge with a desire to always keep things moving. ENTPs are easily bored, and so, they like to keep playing around with different possibilities. They enjoy playing devil’s advocate, having passionate arguments, yet taking a detached stance to ethics and right and wrong. It’s more fun to keep the ball rolling, it’s less important which direction it goes. 

ENTPs are in their normal state problem-solvers, but they always like to come up with a new solution rather than stick to a set guideline or approach. They weigh and test and try different outcomes against each others, exploring pros and cons, and so, they make gifted investigators and detectives. They rule out options until none remain and from there they can build a conclusion. 

At the same time, the ENTP is probably the worst type to go to for advice. Often, their bluntness and social obliviousness can cause them to say just the wrong thing in any situation. Sometimes they might even enjoy doing it. They’re rarely patient enough to walk someone through a process, and if someone isn’t able to keep up with their wit, they’re going to start using it as a weapon of sarcasm.

ENFP “The Seeker”

Armed with curiosity and a desire to see new places and to do things nobody has done before, the ENFP has the mindset of an explorer. Their thoughts always run to what’s next, what they could do, potential, opportunities that could be made.

Individualistic and strong in personality and character, you tend to have strong personal preferences and interests, and you like to be the one who takes initiative. In the ENFP, there is a desire for things to go fast, and you can grow bored if things delay or if there are unnecessary interruptions. You’re not someone who likes to wait for others, and it can be hard for you to pay sustained attention to something. 

Often, your mind is easily distracted, and if something new comes up, you might lose track of what came before it. At other times, you’re a multitasker and someone that can keep many balls in the air without becoming distracted. However, you often forget things and lose things in the chaos that naturally presents itself around you. At the same time, a lot of things are gained too. You’re always conquering new sights, finding new places, and learning new things. And you’re not just the one who observes – most of the time, you’re the one who makes things happen. A traveler has to be ready for anything, and needs to be able to improvise on the fly. They need to consider a wide array of possibilities, and they need to make sure they don’t lose pace as they move forward. And you can do that better than most.

INTP The Scientist

Taking an academic and rational approach to life, the INTP has the mind of a scientist and someone that wants to know and understand and explain life, preferably using an abstract model or system. The INTP takes an appraising, critical look to life, looking at how things work and seeing how they can be improved or done differently. 

Their minds run through multiple options at once – considering and running down multiple streams of thought at the same time. They think like hackers – seeing any rule as full of exemptions, and any option is rich of alternatives. INTPs enjoy using logic to construct an argument or opinion, playing with different arguments and ideas to solve problems, typically of a mental nature. 

The INTP is creative – inventive – but often, their ideas stay on the drawing board. So the INTP might need to challenge themselves to experiment and test their ideas in practice, seeing what data will be thrown back at them.


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