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The INFP Empath: The secret power of INFPs

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Today, I want to talk about the secret power of INFPs. I believe that INFPs are one of the most spiritually powerful personality types. One of the strongest, most powerful archetypal forms of the INFP personality type is the position of the Healer. INFPs are not just here to right wrongs in our society, but also to build tolerance and forgiveness after trauma and hardships. However, this comes from learning to endure pain and hardship as well as trauma. You must learn to tap into the power of your ancestors and find your own inner voice.

Hidden INFP Personality Traits

Firstly, one INFP secret is that they are the most deeply intuitive, and most deeply feeling, and the most subjectively inclined personality types. INFPs tap directly from our unconscious potential and with that, they rely on the strength of their own humanity to make wise decisions. So what are the secret powers of INFPs?

Watch the video about how INFPs Overcome Trauma

Are INFPs wise?

Importantly, INFPs draw wisdom from all the lessons humanity has learned throughout our entire range of existence. The lessons, and experiences, and the wisdom humans have developed, and the stories we have told, are all hiding inside our unconscious and in our very DNA. We are not just who we are born as but also the experiences of and the wisdom of our ancestors. 

INFPs are more adept at pulling out this wisdom than any other personality type. This is because INFPs enjoy this introspective activity of going inside – asking questions – and discovering inner truths.

Are INFPs more depressed than other types?

INFPs understand pain and hardship well. In my interactions with INFPs, I have come to learn that hardship and pain is something acutely real to an INFP. While all types will face traumas and experiences, INFPs are just more intensely aware of pain and sadness than other types. This means it is harder for an INFP to act happy or to pretend pain is not there. INFPs know when pain is there, and so, they can better resolve and address it directly.

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Are INFPs more sensitive than other types?

INFPs have a heightened sensitivity. As an INFP, you have a higher sensitivity to different things, not just pain, but all kinds of sensations. You do not need to scream to an INFP to get their attention – they can hear you perfectly well, and they can see the distress in your eyes, the shiver of your tone, the joy, the love, and all the energy you give out. This allows you to pick up on subtle signals in your environment. This is not an INFP secret, this is obvious to most people who know an INFP.

Are INFPs Empaths?

INFPs are empaths. INFPs are arguably the most empathetic of all personality types. While INFPs are not overtly caring or not the kind of people that show up with gifts at your doorstep, or a car to help you move in, INFPs feel your emotions as deeply as if they were inside the INFP themselves. This is an INFP secret, most people do not immediately notice just how considerate and deeply caring INFPs are.

INFPs have an innate and deep benevolence and a desire to spread good intentions into the universe. They are incredibly focused on their own character and what they can do to be good, honest individuals in our society. They are not overtly kind, but instead, they are highly considerate to other people. Your values system as an INFP is built to consider the needs of others and what is fundamentally good.

Are INFPs sensitive to manipulation?

Most people are very sensitive to suggestion and force. Fear and anger can cause people to turn from individuals to one single grey mass. Many times in human history, people have banded together over hate or anger to commit terrible atrocities. INFPs seem to be some of the most resistant to bullying, tribal aggression, and hate jargon, even when it is very intense in our society. This is one of the INFP secrets. INFPs may seem like they go with the flow, but never in this way.

INFPs are able to stay strong in who they are and what is right and able to maintain inner peace and balance. This is because INFPs carry an oasis inside them, a place where they can maintain calm and balance even in trying times.

Are INFPs good counsellors?

INFPs are not just empaths, but healers, and natural counsellors. You are that therapist friend that makes people feel better just from a quick conversation. INFPs know the right questions to ask to get people to feel better. INFPs are the person people can have deep and profound discussions with. You give people an emotional release. Finally, people can come to you with their pain – and after talking to you, that pain will be easier to carry. Some secret weapons INFPs use are:

  • Forgiveness, helping people overcome resentment and anger, making the healing process easier
  • Understanding, making sure people understand their own struggles better, giving people additional perspective. 
  • Listening, just listening, is often enough.

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judith parent
judith parent
2 years ago

I always wondered why I had difficulty relating to other INFP types. I’ve been going through a ‘identity crisis’ the past year or so, wondering why I’m so different, you have explained it excellently. It seems that when I decided to incarnate here I really wanted to make a point. I’m a cancer, an empath, an INFP empath, and a wanderer. It gets a bit lonely at times not really connecting with others in this world. You are able to capture in words what is in me that I have such difficulty verbalizing myself. I realize that we are all unique and individual while still knowing we are all connected through something greater than our physical selves.

2 years ago

Good article.

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