The MBTI Soulmate: Who Is Your Best Match in the MBTI?

Who is your MBTI Soulmate?

What is the best match in the MBTI and what is your 16 personalities perfect match?

What type is the INFJ Soulmate?


ENTPs will make for the most fun and entertaining matchup for an INFJ. No other personality type shares the same interests as you to such a high degree, giving you a best friend and someone you can always have a laugh with. There may sometimes be an emotional disconnect with this type, as fun takes over more serious matters.


INFJs will provide understanding and insight into who you are. They can provide you with peace and stability at times of the expense of growth. This type will make you feel seen and validated in who you are.


ENFPs provide INFJs with challenging perspectives and ideas, helping you work through and overcome emotional and intellectual blocks. This type helps you see other sides and viewpoints and to put your ideas to action.

What type is the ENFP Soulmate


INTJs are a solid choice for an ENFP and a type that will share your many and rich interests. This type provides a fun outlet and somebody you can go on adventures with. There is no more creative and energising pairing, but at times, this type may neglect your emotional needs.


Another ENFP can provide you with much needed self-reflection and self-awareness. No other type will make you feel more seen and validated in who you are. However, you may end up developing unhealthy, repetitive patterns together, and may sometimes need a break and distance to ensure mutual growth.


An INFJ will provide a listening ear and counsel whenever you need to discuss a problem or issue, both emotional issues, and more intellectual ones. This type will challenge you to patience and help you structure your thoughts when you feel your head is getting messy. On the downside, you may sometimes need to push this type to take action more quickly, and to make decisions together with you.

What type is the ENTP Soulmate?


INFJs will make for the most fun and entertaining matchup for an ENTP. No other personality type shares the same interests as you to such a high degree, giving you a best friend and someone you can always have a laugh with. There may sometimes be a practical disconnect with this type, as the INFJ is a very sensitive type that needs time to process and make sense of their feelings.


Another ENTP will provide you with a bouncing block to discuss ideas and can help you improve your creative process and problem-solving. However, both types may struggle towards more long-term problem-solving. You may feel distracted by each other and the chaos that you create around you.


INTJs will provide you with focus and can challenge you to set goals and decisions for yourself. Their high standards can boost your performance and help you be more consistent in your projects and actions. In return, you can push the INTJ to think bigger and to account for more perspectives. If you do not push this type, you can feel limited and pigeon-holed by this type.

What is the INTJ Soulmate?


ENFPs are a solid choice for an INTJ and a type that will share your many and rich interests. This type provides a fun outlet and somebody you can go on adventures with. There is no more creative and energising pairing, but at times, this type may struggle to stay professional and pragmatic when making decisions and setting goals.


Another INTJ will help you illuminate and understand complex topics and issues, and can also help you work on your ideas and projects. More negatively, they may not challenge you to think big enough and you may miss alternative perspectives and potential issues.


An ENTP can help you see alternative perspectives and viewpoints and can be the devil’s advocate you need if you are becoming blinded by logical assumptions. You can in turn help an ENTP to focus on a project and follow-through on ideas.

What is the INTP Soulmate?

Your MBTI soulmate is the ENFJ, INTP or ENTJ personality type.


ENFJs are a highly creative matchup and partners that will play with you mentally, discussing your ideas and helping you go deeper in your intuition. They may however pressure you emotionally, to open up about your feelings and needs, something that can be difficult for you.


INTPs will provide a critical bouncing block and a person that can help you check and study ideas. They can help you verbalize thoughts you have and explain your mind and reasoning better.


ENTJs can help you execute projects and become more successful in applying your ideas, if you are open to the challenge. You can help an ENTJ get technical feedback on their projects and to spot inefficiency and logical leaps.

What is the ENTJ Soulmate?

Your MBTI perfect match is either the INFP, ENTJ or INTP personality type.


INFPs can help you maintain perspective and depth in your life, making your accomplishments feel worth something. You can help an INFP become more successful in their projects and provide a healthy push when necessary.


Another ENTJ can be a competitive and fun partner. Someone to push and motivate you and to help challenge you to new heights. But watch out that you don’t race each others so fast that you start making unnecessary mistakes.


An INTP can provide you with a rational voice and well-researched feedback. They can help you analyse projects and give you a green light on good ideas, if you are welcome to a discussion and critical thinking. You can help an INTP take action and to not overanalyze a situation.

What is the ENFJ Soulmate?

Your 16 personalities soulmate is either an INTP, ENFJ or INFP.


An INTP can help you notice when you are being irrational or clumsy in the name of a goal or an important ideal. They can help you understand your behaviour more clearly and can provide calm and clarity. You can help an INTP be more passionate and confident in life.


ENFJs make understanding and kind partners, and you need kindness too. ENFJs can help you recognise that you need to be cared for and loved and that your needs matter. Only make sure that you do not smother each other and that you are given independence and the chance to develop your own identity and beliefs.


Many ENFJs will disagree on this, but INFPs are very healthy partners for an ENFJ. INFPs can help you learn boundaries and self-respect. They can show you that there is a difference between helping a person, and doing something that is ethically right and authentic, and that sometimes, authenticity and morality goes before more direct compassion. The key to the success of this pairing is that the INFP has to be open to your care and love and has to learn to be open with their feelings, too. If they are closed, this will not work.

What is the INFP Soulmate?

Who is your 16 personalities soulmate as an INFP?


Surprising, but true. ENTJs help you with follow through and succeeding in your goals and ambitions. If you care about something, an ENTJ can show you practical steps you can take to succeed in this. You can help an ENTJ get in touch with their emotional side, too.


Another INFP can be great – someone who understands and respects your authenticity. However, watch that you do not become too passive, and do challenge each others to be open emotionally. Express how you feel and let yourself be passionate together.


An ENFJ can help you bring yourself out of your shell. You’ll find it easy to talk to an ENFJ, you only have to let the connection happen. Don’t resist or hold back yourself or your feelings with this type. And challenge the ENFJ to be honest and authentic, too.

What is the ISFP Soulmate?


Driven, ambitious, and challenging. A type that will inspire you to an active and rich lifestyle.


If you are looking for a peaceful and healthy, stable relationship, another ISFP can make a good match. Just make sure you stay open and transparent with each others.


Passionate and active, this type will get you out to live life hands on.

What is the ESFP Soulmate?


A steady and reliable partner, but also a surprisingly funny, almost comedic partner. ISTJs will keep it real and will help you stay down-to-earth.


Another free-spirit to live life fully with.


Remarkably understanding and caring and someone that can balance your passion and energy.

What is the ISTP Soulmate?


Understanding, charming, and easy to get along with.


Simple, clever and talented. Someone you can count on.


Driven, ambitious, and practical. Someone that will help you. toapply yourself.

What is the ESTP Soulmate?




What is the ESTJ Soulmate?




What is the ISTJ Soulmate?




What is the ISFJ Soulmate?




What is the ESFJ Soulmate?




Your MBTI Perfect Match

How would you describe your MBTI perfect match?

How would the 16 personalities describe their ideal partner?

What is the best match in the MBTI?

I believe the best partner is someone that has similar values to you but a different attitude and temperament, for example an INFJ with an ENFP. What do you think?

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