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Which personality types match best with ENFPs?

ENFP Relationships

Does the ENFP INFJ Relationship work?

INFJs and ENFPs tend to be very similar in terms of what lifestyle and hobbies they enjoy. Both are also very good at supporting. the other person. You tend to know just the right thing to say or do to each other.

ENFPs and INFJs are also good at giving each other balance and support. On the negative, the two types may sometimes misunderstand each other as you may think differently about many things.

Does the ENFP INTJ Relationship work?

Yes, the ENFP and INTJ will connect well emotionally as both types share a strong emotional bond, but the INTJ will sometimes prioritise their ideas and vision above the relationship. This is a very fun matchup, too. Note that the INTJ can be sometimes controlling, and this will be a difficulty in the relationship.

Does the ENFP ENFP Relationship work?

A twin is a great thing to have. Another ENFP will be an extension of yourself and someone who can teach you more about who you are. Both of you share a similar vision of self-discover. You will work well together, but sometimes, your relationship will miss the mirroring factor, which is, you do not always adjust to each other’s energy, causing imbalances.

Does the ENFP ENTP Relationship work?

This is a possible matchup with great room for fun. ENTPs are similarly matched with you emotionally and can make good caretakers. ENFPs and ENTPs are also relatively similar in terms of interests and hobbies, ENTPs being only slightly more eccentric than you.

Does the ENFP INFP Relationship work?

Because the INFP is much more reserved, and less open to new experiences, there can be a mismatch in terms of interests and values. However, INFPs and ENFPs do share a strong mutual understanding and tend to think the same way about many things.

Does the ENFP-ESTP Relationship work?

ENFP-ESFP Relationships

ENFP-ISFJ Relationships

Does the ENFP ENFJ Relationship work?

Does the ENFP-ISTJ Relationship work?

ENFP-INTP Relationships

ENFP-ENTJ Relationships

ENFP-ISTP Relationships

ENFP-ESFJ Relationships

ENFP-ISFP Relationships


ENFP-ESTJ Relationships

How do the other personality types match with ENFPs?

What type is your perfect match and why?

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