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The 16 Personalities in High School

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Find out who ranks as an S-Rank in tonight’s video! Which types tend to do better in high school and which types are prone to struggle? 

16 Personalities High School

I wrote this list for fun, so take it with a grain of salt. Enjoy!

INFJ: Start their own cult/political movement and repeatedly cut class because they’re always at different demonstrations. Have some crazy unconventional beliefs and rigid ideologies.

INTJ: Have this really cool project in their head and are working hard to get the skills necessary to execute them but don’t care about anything else that is happening around them.

INTP: Decide they don’t care at all and focus all their time on becoming programmers and designing their own app. Really focused for five minutes but then decide to start playing video games instead.

INFP: Fantasising about the most popular girl in school who they will never talk to. Write excellent poetry and have a writing teacher that “tells them they have something special”

ENFP: Dress in alternative clothes and have their own rock band, never raise their hand in class and dread being called up to the whiteboard to do ‘a presentation’.

ENTP: Think they’re really cool but really are just super extroverted nerds. Come up with weird greetings and catchphrases that will never become popular. Won a math contest once, wants to be a rapper.

ENTJ: Studying to get A’s in everything so they can become successful politicians. Really intense. Yelled at a teacher who gave them a B+. Ran for every single position but lost to someone who was more popular.

ENFJ: Wants to be a successful movie director and is making a documentary about life at high school. It is really weird and includes staged fight scenes, star wars music and embarrassing photos.

ESFJ: Everyone’s friend and shows up at all the school events. Got thrown out of class because they couldn’t stop talking over the teacher.

ESTJ: Always had to be the boss in charge of school projects. High school class president, wore a perfectly ironed suit to school.

ESTP: Good grades, and great in sports. All the teachers liked them because they were smooth and knew how to talk their way out of any situation.

ESFP: Sung in front of everyone in high school in a beautiful dress. Talked the most of everyone in class. Got into drama with people frequently.

ISFP: Never spoke a word to anyone in class. Nobody remembers their name. Nicknamed “The wallflower.” Once started giggling incontrollably and nobody knew why.

ISTP: The coolest kid in class. Wore sunglasses indoors. Had a cool catch phrase that caught on and became used by everyone later.

ISTJ: Just wanted to get over with it. Bored with everyone in class, they showed up and got the grades necessary, so they could get the education and career they wanted.

ISFJ: Teacher’s pet. Suggested a bake sale to fund the school trip. Always cheerful and happy. Dad is a priest at the local church.

Do you agree? Which one do you relate to the most? Let me know in the comments below!


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4 years ago

INTJ: total swot, first or second in the year in all subjects (except sports), but argumentative if the teacher is wrong.

sasha levine
sasha levine
4 years ago

I’m enfp, and I fit in between the enfp and entp with a little infp, depending on the day. Of course you said we were still trying to find ourselves. So true

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