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The 16 Personalities as INFJ Mistypes

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INFJ Stereotypes, INFJ Conspiracy

The 16 Personalities as INFJ Mistypes

INFP: Has also had some deep spiritual experiences. Comes off as a bit of a lone wolf. Can absorb people’s emotions just like an INFJ and often takes on a healer/counsellor role to friends and family members.

INTJ: Has a vision for humanity and for society. Can at times feel sensitive or fragile and preoccupied with their own emotions and struggles. Often feels misunderstood by others and like they’re on a different wavelength to everyone else.

ENFJ: Needs a LOT of alone time. Feels both outgoing and introverted at the same time. Wants everyone to like them. Often feels lost and takes frequent breaks from the tribe in order to “connect” with themselves and find their purpose and vision.

ISFJ: Can understand everyone around them effortlessly. Makes you feel heard like never before. Remembers all the stories you told them. Your silent guide and calm tree to rest against. Can be very intuitive and prone to daydreams and fantasies and are often very creative. Often spiritual.

ENFP: Always was an outsider and did things their own way. Didn’t relate to anyone around. Have an INFJ shadow – strive towards a vision or bigger idea and seek a sense of purpose in their life and actions. Less extroverted ENFPs can have a really hard time telling the difference.

ENTP: Surprisingly empathetic. Often used humour to lighten up people’s feelings and became the person that had to “take care of” everyone else, even though they often felt drained by this. Highly intuitive and existentially inclined, want and aspire to something ‘deeper’ and more in life. The higher the iNtuition, the more INFJ like they can appear.

INTP: Often felt like a misfit. Was highly analytical and wanted to figure out and understand everything about life, including humans and their emotions. Like to give advice and teach and guide those around them. Relate to ideas and feelings in a way that is similar to INFJs.

ISFP: Often felt like an observer. Knew everything about everybody but told nobody about it. Have a way of knowing your emotions and seeing hidden sides in you. Often have strange or profound ideas.

ENTJ: Had a hidden sensitive side they didn’t tell anybody about. Felt they could never be real with anyone. Often chameleons. Take on whatever role is necessary for the group and other people. Have some profound deep thoughts and feelings they only share with a select few, if anyone.

ESFJ: Chameleons that can become basically anybody they talk to. Need a lot of time to process and reflect on their experiences and relationships.

ISTP: Able to translate complex ideas and visions into practical ideas and projects.

Common INFJ Misconceptions

There are a lot of false truisms about the INFJ. Statements that could apply to anyone but are made to sound unique to the INFJ.

INFJs are the most outgoing introverts!

How outgoing you are depends more on your childhood and upbringing and less on your cognitive functions. Outgoingness has nothing to do with Extroversion or Introversion.

INFJs are chameleons. I am a chameleon, so I am an INFJ!

Enneagram 9s are Chameleons. INFJs can be Enneagram 9s. But any type can be an Enneagram 9 chameleon.

INFJs are rare. I feel rare, so I am an INFJ!

There are lots of rare types besides the INFJ. If you grow up in an environment where your type is rare, that can also cause misidentification.

INFJs absorb people’s emotions. I do that too, so I’m an INFJ

Empathy is more common than you think and many people feel that they can absorb people’s feelings as their own.

Can you think of any more of these? I can go on for a long time. There’s a lot of incorrect information online, so practice critical thinking.

Have you ever identified with an INFJ description? Most of them are hopelessly generic and written to be highly relatable for any personality type. Watch my video when it goes live for more on this problem!


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4 years ago

Yes! I tested as ENFP but Iโ€™m spiritual, need a lot of downtime, feel I have a vision for the world and take on other peopleโ€™s emotions. I relate to much of the generic INFJ qualities.

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