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Ten Gifts Of Introverted Feelers

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What are the gifts of introverted feelers? (XXFPs)

At Neojungian Academy, we want to show that the gifts of introverted feelers are more than previously believed. We have extended the description of introverted feeling to go deeper than on any other website. We did this because we noticed a lot of people confuse introverted intuition with introverted feeling. Our goal is to remove all stereotypes and misunderstandings and to make it easier for people to know which functions they use. Read about introverted feeling here.
At it’s source, introverted feeling is a slow, careful, and reflective process of deciding what is right and wrong. It relies on images, stories, and some form of artistic expression to understand emotions and people in great nuance. The gifts of introverted feeling types range from healing, “sudden realizations”, moral judgement and non-formal logic, to an awareness of aesthetics and beauty. So let’s get to it. Here are the gifts of introverted feelers!

1. Connections are remembered internally

Every person an introverted feeler connects with is captured inside the Artists mind. Your memories of the person will live on inside you. These memories can help provide moral and emotional guidance whenever you need it. Introverted feeling is almost completely subjective, but the one objective thing about it is that it is connected to social experiences, people you have met, and things you have experienced or read about. Perhaps that’s why Fi types are sometimes careful with who they let in? The wrong person could so easily cause inner disharmony. Introverted feeling types have a high internally driven episodic memory.

2. The Emotional Elevator

People and emotions can be experienced on different levels. Introverted feelers process things in high nuance but from a personal perspective. If I were in this persons shoes, how would I feel? Artists are constantly going through a process of going to floor to floor to process emotions, and the process is highly associative. Often, introverted feeling types don’t know in the moment how they feel. Sometimes they need an hour, or a day, or a year to process things.
Every association responds to how you are currently feeling and your current subjective state. When you feel pain, you remember people that make you feel pain. When you feel shame, you remember people and events that made you feel shame. The emotional elevator helps you process all these different nuances. Don’t be surprised if you remember something stupid you said a year ago. You thought of this because you are currently feeling unusually self-aware. But it might not feel like a gift of an introverted feeler.

3. They are walking translators

Introverted feelers translate their emotions and their experiences into symbols, music, and images. By seeing emotions in symbols, they can use these images and music to process their emotions. Their visual and image based mind helps them understand people in HD quality. Even if you speak different languages, Fi is a walking translator and can fairly easily get the intentions and the base story that you are trying to convey, simply by connecting it to the right visual metaphors. Fi types can spend a long time decoding messages and things people say and do to find the true meaning of it all.
Ten Gifts Of Introverted Feelers

4. They have an inner court of justice

Introverted feeling types have ongoing legal battles inside them between different versions of people they have met or read about. Here, real and fictive people you have read about argue between right and wrong. The process of making sure everyone’s voice is heard and a sound judgement is reached is important for Fi. When you lack information about someone, extroverted thinking can help you gather information about them and their possible crimes.

5. Their gut aids them in decision making

Introverted feeling types can spot if a person acts in a way that is against their character. This can be used to spot lies or issues that other people may be feeling. Is there something that doesn’t add up? Introverted feelers experience this disharmony often as nausea or a gut reaction. They become nauseous when they notice something is disharmonious, or they feel a tug in their gut. Their gut can help them in the process of settling issues of right and wrong, true or false, ugly or beautiful. It is one of the key gifts of introverted feelers.

6. They rely on symmetry, not formal logic

Often, the process of filtering lie from truth is the same as judging which shoes fit best for which occasion. Introverted Feelers make decisions based on symmetry and natural laws. What goes where? Who fits with who? What is harmony? Fi weighs and balances and studies which colors fit with what. Introverted feeling types could try to learn maths by using visualization techniques, drawing out the answers, and using their symmetrical process to find which number is harmonious with what question. Symmetry is informal logic. Fi “just knows”. It feels what is correct. It’s logical process runs unconsciously, quickly, and informally. It can’t be explained, but it’s often right.

7. “Sudden realizations”

Introverted feelers can, like seers and mystics, experience strong inner realizations about people and about themselves. Suddenly, an image may pop up in their head. This is a strong feeling that you are about to make a mistake, or a realization that someone else is pregnant, or a feeling that something has happened to someone. Often these realizations appear just at the right time.
This often comes because introverted feeling types are silently pondering other people’s situation, and by connecting their actions and their words, Fi is able to have sudden realizations about people and their life. These realizations are often mistaken for Ni-insights. Ni insights are in comparison more general, emotionally void and verbal. Fi realizations are often symbolical or image-based, gut-based and personal, about specific people or about truth and deceit, and social issues.

8. Purification

If there is disharmony in the court of justice, Fi works to find out why there is. Why is someone evil? Why is someone not telling the truth? Ideally, Fi spots disharmony and deals with the issue through a redemption process, but sometimes, if redemption is not possible, the option is to start a purge. Fi may then try to remove anything that reminds them of the person and to ensure there is no contact with the person. If there is no purge and no redemption, Fi can carry the disharmony with them daily.

9. The Moral High Ground

You cant anticipate how this type will feel or act. It is the most subjective decision making function and it takes no orders and hears no diplomacy, only right and wrong. Because introverted feelers follow an inner legal process where they balance your own and others ideas of right and wrong, introverted feelers act by an inner sense of justice. The only way you can sway this process is by adding new facts or evidence that can help sway the verdict. Introverted feeling types need motives and reasons – not just rules or social conduct.

10. The Intelligence Of Healing

If the disharmony is a result of lack of self awareness or on a psychological level introverted feeling can spot what issue you are going through and how you can resolve your issues. What do you need to do to overcome your shame?
How can you make amends for mistakes you have made? How can you come to accept yourself more? Many describe introverted feelers to be soothing to be around. Fi brings up issues people need to deal with and helps them make peace with the past. Introverted Feeling types always offer you an option or a way forward in times when you are uncertain.
What gifts of introverted feelers have you come to develop the most? Do you rely more on some than others? Are there any gifts that we have forgotten that should have been in this article? Send us a comment!


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