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Ten Gifts Of Intuitive Extroverts (ENXX)

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What are the gifts of Intuitive extroverts? (ENXX)

At Neojungian Academy, we call intuitive extroverts The Detectives. The reason we see you so differently is because we realize intuition is a deeply interpretative process that requires high analytical skills. Often, ENXX types are far more introverted than they are recognized as. Intuition requires subtlety, peace, quiet, and privacy to function at it’s fullest. Here are ten of the intuitive extroverts gifts, without the stereotypes.
gifts of extroverted intuitives
Interpretative intelligence comes from a sense of bubbly curiosity, a curiosity found in all ENXX types. ENXXs are the ones that are the most easily excited by new ideas and new patterns, but that excitement can quickly fade if the mystery fades. Because of your intuitions nature, you tend to have a strong abstract, associative information decoding. Learn more about the detectives here. 
You are constantly processing everything you see and hear intuitively. You are more focused on making sense of the hidden, the mysterious, and the many subtle quirks people have. You’re bored by the obvious, and love the unpredictable. You prefer to spot the secrets. And so, the gifts of intuitive extroverts are many more than these ten. Still, we’ve tried to cover the most interesting ones.

1. Find the missing pieces

Is there anything missing in a story? A Detective will know. As a detective, you excel at connecting the dots. You see how two events are related to one another. Two seemingly different experiences fit together somehow – but how? As a detective, you start out with a hunch, an idea that there must be a connection, and then it tries to find what the pattern is. Sounds basic enough right? Well, you’re wrong, this is a real superpower.

2. Rearrange reality

See the world as a puzzle and know how to rearrange it in an original way. By rearranging reality you can connect what you think fits, and remove what doesn’t fit. By making immediate changes in the situation, you can more easily spot how two pieces of information fit together. But you don’t only rearrange reality. You also break it. We’ll talk about that more in point three.

3. Think outside the box

The right answer is rarely presented to you. Detectives rarely pick the option given to them. Often, you instinctively prefer to say no to all options. You want to make their own way in life. The gifts of intuitive extroverts allow them to think rebelliously. If you can, you will think outside the box. You won’t agree with the options presented to you. Really, you like to rebelliously break every box you’re put into. You make a habit of finding the holes and the blind spots in any argument.

4. Notice the hidden patterns

If you consider the current situation, can you guess what will happen in the next few minutes? Detectives love making spontaneous predictions. You’re gonna drop that. He’s gonna scratch his nose any second now. Truth is, you’ll come to know everyone has their hidden patterns and rituals, and you may be the only one who’s aware of it. You see what’s gonna happen, and you’re often right. This is one of the cooler gifts of the detectives.

5. Test out a change

What happens if you press the button? How does the situation change if you jump on a new pattern? Thefore, you love to test out changes. Really, the best experience for you is if you can spot an opportunity everyone else is blind to, or if you can make progress by trying things out at random. But it’s never completely random. You just *know* what’s going to happen in advance. You have a hunch or a general idea, often based on your previous experiences, and it’s often true. So trust it.

6. Hold parallel conversations

Test out different words and constantly juggle multiple conversations at once. Think five different thoughts simultaneously. Be five steps ahead of anyone you’re talking to. What’s more is, you know what people will say and what you will respond before they say it. So have a funny inner commentary of everything you see and observe. Really, if people heard what was going on inside your mind they would never stop laughing, or maybe they would think you were insane. Probably a bit of both. All of this just makes you come off as really witty, like your mind is one big random retort generator. This is one of the crazier gifts of intuitive extroverts.

27875317. Spying

If you don’t know what a situation means, spy around and see if you can find the information somewhere. You get plus points if people don’t catch you doing it. Don’t worry, if you’re not a spy, this ability just means that you are good at moving without being noticed. When an extroverted sensing type tends to make a lot of noise wherever they go, detectives know how to move subtly. Why? We will tell you in the next paragraph!

8. Assassinations

Move subtly and without being noticed. Find subtle ways to influence the group or to get the job done, preferably without anyone spotting you. If you are not an assassin, this power just conveys that you have a soft, hidden influence. You don’t need to make a lot of noise about yourself. Furthermore, you don’t seek attention. As a detective, your ideal is to act below the surface. This is because most of your ideas and tricks rely on the fact that other people don’t know what you are doing. If they become aware of the pattern, they may stop repeating it. And that spoils your ability.

9. Immediate abstractions

Quickly spot the hidden meaning in someones story. Come up with a quick abstraction that relates to the present situation. What buzzword best describes the pattern you just noticed? Find the thing that connects you to other people. What word or concept best describes the pattern you’re currently in? You know how to put words on new things and to name the things you see!

10. Find the most easy and fun route forward

Track what opportunities are the closest to your reach. What are you the closest to achieving? What can you make the most progress on right now? You know quickly if something is futile or if it is pointless. And what’s more is, you also know what way is the best. That’s perhaps why you’re a splendid multitasker – you work on whatever you can make the most progress on at the moment. You let your curiosity drive you, and when it does, you are at your very best. So learn to use the gifts of intuitive extroverts to your fullest. Dazzle people with your quick mind and your gift at spotting patterns!


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