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Ten Gifts Of Extroverted Thinkers

The Gifts Of Extroverted Thinkers

Extroverted thinking is sometimes confused to be 1. Lacking in analytical thought, or 2. Lacking in people skills. On the contrary! Extroverted thinking is a technical, rule and system-based method of studying and understanding people and dynamics. What does that mean? We have a post that discusses extroverted thinking here. Let’s discover the gifts of extroverted thinkers together!

extroverted thinking gifts
Not saying Palpatine is an EXTJ, just thought this was a funny reference. 😉

1. Unlimited Power

How far can I move this? How much can I accomplish with this tool? EXTJs are interested in moving, testing and trying out tools on their own. When young, they can sometimes be clumsy, stepping on people’s toes. And sometimes they can overextend themselves, pushing themselves too hard. But this is a healthy part of developing this function. You will learn by experience just how far to go and how much it is that you can do.

2. Knowledge of your own and others’ abilities

By testing your powers and seeing for yourself what you are capable of, you gain a realistic belief in your power and your abilities. Extroverted thinking is great for anyone working as a judge, determining if people have followed the law, or how good someone is at a musical instrument or at their line of work.

3. You Always Land On Top

Because you are testing your abilities, you get a clear grasp of how much you can and can’t do. Because testing sometimes leads to accidents, you gradually become more aware of how to land on top and how to fall with grace. If disaster strikes, you know what to do. You’ve already checked where the exit is and how to get everyone out of the building safely.

4. You know how to use resources to your advantage

What happens if you combine a set amount of tools together? This is an unique form of extroverted thinking creativity, often confused with extroverted intuition. While there may be intuition involved in this process, the process of putting tools and resources together to practical use is purely related to thinking.

5. The Go-To Problem Solver

By becoming aware of your environment and what tools and resources are available, you can navigate your environment like a boss. Skilled extroverted thinkers become the standard “go-to” person if a problem needs to be fixed. Their quick and pragmatic thinking can be helpful anywhere.

6. Seeing power dynamics in a room

You can also come to learn who possesses the most resources and who is the strongest or the best in the room at using these tools. By recognizing each persons abilities and capabilities, and knowing who to work with or who is best at what, you’re a good potential team manager. But you can also respect and obey authority, as long as it’s in your best interests. Who says an ENTJ doesn’t understand people? They just don’t understand people in the way an ENFJ might.

7. Measuring the practical use and consequences of actions

You’re quick to notice when a tool or a person is underperforming and when they aren’t getting what needs to be done fixed in time. When is someone being irrational? Is everyone doing something important? An extroverted thinking type knows quickly if something is pointless or futile.

ENFPs are sometimes referred to as "an unstoppable force" - perhaps because of their extroverted thinking?
ENFPs are sometimes referred to as “an unstoppable force” – perhaps because of their extroverted thinking?

8. Sense of strategy

Everyone has a different ambition or plan. As soon as you know your plan and what you want, you can use extroverted thinking to plan a course to getting what you want. Extroverted thinkers tend to be strongly aware of what they want. Just be careful not to fall victim to “the grass is always greener on the other side” mentality.

9. Competition and power-struggles

An extroverted thinker has a good grasp of power struggles and knows when people are trying to compete over the room or over an important resource. When they notice that someone is trying to come ahead, they think competitively about how to get back ahead and how to make sure they can remain on top.

ENTJ Arnold Schwarzenegger

10. “It has to be done.”

If you need to, you’re able to focus on your goal and push yourself to your absolute limits, using all your resources to ensure you are successful. Extroverted thinkers are no quitters. If something difficult needs to be done, the gift of extroverted thinkers is to bite together, knuckle up, and get it done.
As you can see, the gifts of extroverted thinkers are many. Which of these abilities have you come to develop the most? And which could you spend more time on?


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