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ST | The Practicals

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The Traditionalists pursue the main virtues of Tradition, Power, and Security.You are a traditionalist, you’re reliable, safe and duty oriented. You pride yourself on being responsible and committed to work and to your job.As an ST, you enjoy to devote time to maintaining traditions and routines at your work-place and in society. You’re interested in power and order and your place in the system. You respect and pride yourself on your ability to follow authority.The ST – the traditionalist, has the gift of being a present-minded and practical. You’re consistent, reliable, and trustworthy. You live by a strong code of conduct. You want people to know that they can count on you.STs show strong focus in their ambitions and work related goals. They are proud and want to be taken seriously. They seek strong ethos and spend a lot of time working on their character. They are safe and often become protectors and guard dogs of society, maintaining order and living by the law.


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