SF | The Socials

The Communitarians pursue the main virtues of Tradition, Community, and Health.You are a communitarian, you’re reliable, safe and service oriented. You enjoy to be a part of nearby groups and social circles. You’re polite and friendly.As an SF, you enjoy to devote time to maintaining traditions, your identity, and your daily life. You’re interested in the social norms and the order of society and your place in it all.The SF – the communitarian, has the gift of being a present-minded free spirit, acting freely, in touch with who you are, and honoring your role in the society. You’re interested in being healthy, safe, and in touch with your family and your social roots.You’re interested in social consistency, living up to and honoring your beliefs and your identity every day, finding out and letting people know who you are and what you believe in. You’re concrete and direct and simple in your needs and expectations.

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