The new website is exploding!

These are the latest statistics for the latest 28 days of February. My new website loads 47% fasterand got 14% more viewers who stayed 18% longer than usual! What page, test, or article is your favourite on

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2 years ago

Dear Erik,
I am a designer and I would really like to give you a couple tips to make your site even better.
First of all some praise. You have wonderful content and I really like the dark mode and the color palette.

  1. The homepage doesn’t tell me enough about you and who you are. There is just a one liner and no image… I’d say that if someone doesn’t know you and ends up on the site they would probably bounce (leave the site without engaging).
  2. You need to use your “whitespace” in a more efficient way. The posts and topics seem too crammed and close to each other. The pink button under a highlighted post is as close to the text of the post as the next image… WHERE DOES IT BELONG???? i want to see that clearly, at a glance, instead of having to read the text in the button
  3. I have keratoconus, it is a vision impairment that causes some glares and flares when i look at light sources and dark mode is sometimes a bit hard for me to look at. Basically every white character is a light source for me and it creates a glare! I would tone down the black background a bit to balance the contrast, or make the font slightly bigger to improve the readability also for us with impaired vision 🙂
  4. When you have flow text you need to consider readability: too long lines are less readable than shorter ones.
  5. I have tried to adjust the site a bit with chrome’s inspector just to give you a hint of how it could look like. maybe you want to have a look:
1 year ago

thanks you for telling here, it fills my heart with joy to hear that.

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