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Misconceptions of INTP Laziness

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There are a lot of stereotypes about INTP laziness out there. There are a lot of people, teachers, parents, and bosses that would want to rush the INTP, but I would advice you not to. And there are things you can do to improve INTP productiveness and to ensure they do their best, but INTPs should not be taught to mimic proactive or extroverted types.
With the INTP, you have a person that requires clear work related expectations. You will need to tell the INTP exactly what you expect them to produce and deliver and you need to set up a system that rewards and helps the INTP achieve their goals. You will also need to consider the INTPs many unique talents.

DOs and DONTs with INTP laziness

  • Give INTPs long-term, rather than short-term projects.
  • Give the INTP creative flexibility at work
  • Don’t monitor the INTP to ensure they are always performing – it will make them perform worse.
  • Do not rush INTPs to produce things faster – their quality and standard will drop.
  • Do not judge INTPs by how busy they “look”.

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With the INTP, it can look like little is happening, when in fact, a thousand things are happening inside their heads. With INTPs, you have a coworker that will have a high amount of creativity. They have exceptional logical thinking, great problem solving skills, and strong attention to detail and perfection. They expect perfection out of themselves, they learn quickly, and they don’t boast or make empty promises.
INTP laziness
INTPs are the genius your workplace has always needed. But as intuitive introverts, they often need a long time to let their mind run it’s course. Let them carefully weigh the options, give them time to research, and don’t force them to pay attention to something that doesn’t interest them. If the INTP is tuning out in class, rejoice. That means that they are in flow, and that means the potential for great creativity and unique solutions.
Challenge the INTP with clear expectations and with clear goals. Give INTPs freedom to invent their own ways to solve problems. Reward creative solutions. If the INTP invents a quicker way to solve a problem that will help your business, don’t expect them to work as much as all the other employees. Reward them for how much they do, not how long they sit in your chairs. INTP laziness is a misconception and a stereotype. If you believe INTPs are lazy, you need to look more closely at what is happening in those hot, intense heads.


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