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ESFPs – Smarter Than You Think

I think there might be quite a few mistyped ENFPs out there. At least, there are some massive misconceptions and stereotypes about the ESFP out there. The stereotype that sensors are dumb exist because we define sensors by what they lack – not what they actually possess. What are the ESFP core gifts?

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  • Nature intelligence: Understanding the room and what is most important in the room.
  • Survival intelligence: Adjusting to the circumstances.
  • Interpersonal intelligence: Knowing how people work and act.
  • Interpretations intelligence: Understanding what other people are saying and meaning in great detail.

Situations where ESFPs are smarter than you

ESFPs are going to know the room and their surroundings far better than anyone. You will find that ESFPs are also going to understand others in greater depth than most. ESFPs are going to be better at managing people than most people, and sensory perceivers are going to be better at adjusting to circumstance than most other personality types, making the best out of any moment.
Beyond this, ESFPs are amazing explorers, with high energy, strong instincts, and high mobility. You will find that the ESFPs are free flow, adaptable types. They are highly reliable members of their community, people you can trust. They are people you can rely on, and people that tend to stick with you in wet and dry. These sensors don’t need any thrills, and they don’t need anything crazy, they are usually happy with what they have, and with just making the best out of the moment.
ESFP smarter
ESFPs show us the beauty and what is important in the world. They help us adjust when things don’t go according to our expectations. They love to understand others, seeking to know as much about you as possible. And they tend to understand you in great detail, and they are attentive and smart listeners.
Generally, ESFPs keep their feat in the ground. They rarely forget about the world around them. They don’t become overwhelmed and they don’t lose perspective in intense environments. ESFPs are usually more extroverted and outgoing on average, and never fear the spotlight. They have a magnetic pull and they draw people to them. Wherever they go, people see them.
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