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Your MBTI Type Stereotypes

Feelers tend to see thinking types as cold. Thinking types tend to see feeling types as weak. Intuitives tend to see sensors as shallow. Sensors tend to see iNtuitives as naive or unrealistic. But often, what we are seeing is just the result of our own type bias. We have our own preference for one letter over the other.
There is no type that is more prone to shallowness than an intuitive with weak intuition. And there is no type that is more cold and unemotional than a feeling type in thinking. NFs frequently make the mistake of looking at STs as if STs were weak or unhealthy Idealists. No, if you want true insight into the differences in other types, you want to look at them from their own perspective.

The MBTI Type Stereotypes

A thinker is not cold, but strong. They are not unemotional, but sturdy. A judging type is not constrained or compulsive, but proactive. A perceiving type is not reactive or a push-over, but adaptive. An introvert is not passive, but a highly active, calculated type. And an extravert is not rushed or restless, but a steady, calm, and mobile type that can make more quick decisions calmly and rationally.
You may see this as just pure word-play, but this is beyond that. A thinking type does have strong emotions, and a perceiving type does have strong control over their own life and their decisions. They just exercise their emotions and their control differently than, say, an FJ type. The perceiving type tends to show strong control over how decisions are implemented. They tend to decide how a project is going to play out in the moment. Their adaptive control style gives them power over most implementation decisions, where the judging type has more control over the long-term plan.
So when deciding your personality type, look beyond the MBTI type stereotypes.
Stereotypes and reality


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