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Dealing With HSP Overwhelm

HSP is the short term for Highly sensitive person. The HSP overwhelm is when reality – the five senses – and all the information around you is just too much, too intense, too overbearing. But there are many ways to manage HSP. It is not a curse, but a possibility. As an HSP, your primary way to recharge is through the imagination. Your imagination may help you protect yourself from being drained.

Dealing with HSP overwhelm

dealing with hsp overwhelm

HSP or sensory processing sensitivity is one of the strongest biological traits involved with intuition. It is often our HSP that makes us value intuitive and imaginative thinking over sensory processing. This is because intuition can distract us from loud noises and strong sensations.

Checklist for intuitives:

  • The core way INXX types manage HSP is by self-transformations and perspectives.  By looking at the world from a personal viewpoint or according to an idea or a perspective, you can help direct your eyes and your processing.
  • Let your imagination help you process what you see by using your brain power to predict and explain physical events and sensations.
  • Form a clear idea in your head of what you are looking at and what it is from your perspective.
  • If a situation is becoming something you don’t like or which overwhelms you, transform yourself – imagine yourself as the kind of person who would be able to handle a situation like this.
  • If you don’t have a perspective or an explanation for what is going on, you’re forced to see and take it all in with your eyes. Expect this to drain you, and plan for breaks and time away when possible.
  • ENXX types manage HSP overwhelm by studying emerging patterns and possibilities. Connect and rely on “the law of attraction.”
  • ENXX types may spot patterns and clues and hidden possibilities around the. This helps guide their eyes and their vision to interesting sensations and peculiarities.
  • When you’ve made or are investigating a connection, you only see the connection, and you don’t see everything around it. This is going to save you a lot of energy.
  • If you’re feeling out of place of a situation, start scanning around you for connections. Imagine what you want to happen next and let the universe (your mind) give it to you.
  • If an ENXX sees no patterns or no emerging possibilities, just raw reality, they may need to use tools to filter their vision. Earphones, and things to block out noise can help here.
dealing with hsp nervousness

HSP Nervousness

Nervousness is the undiscussed aspect of HSP. It is not just that reality is overbearing, but that it is “scary”. HSPs mention being more easily startled, jumping at unanticipated events, and being nervous ahead of or during a situation. This can manifest as a form of social anxiety or performance anxiety. Nervousness and general HSP antsyness is best managed with the help of your imagination.

  • NJ types may best deal with nervousness through summoning a vision or making a prediction ahead of time.
  • Let your prediction guide your actions and act in accordance with what you imagine or envision.
  • Become what you envision and the person to carry out said mission.
  • Break out of circles and spot when you’ve gone in a circle. Aim to move in a spiral pattern, but break away just before you’re about to complete it.
  • As an intuitive perceiving type, practise the law of attraction.
  • Be creative and play with what you see and what happens. Make jokes to redirect anxiety and to lessen pressure.
  • Let your eyes wander and don’t look at anything for too long. Avoid tunnel vision. When something doesn’t happen as you thought, see what your next possibility can be.
  • Live like a dancer, expect the unexpected, and jump from platform to platform. Take what is available and decide where you will jump next.

What are your personal best tips for dealing with HSP overwhelm? How do you cope when drained? What gives you energy and how do you use the imagination to help you manage HSP?


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