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ESTP - The Satyr

Classes WarriorRangerRogueBarbarian Elements Earth - SteadinessAir - InfluenceFire - DominanceWater - Conscience Description of The Satyr The satyrs […]
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ESTP - The Satyr

ESTP Personality Type

The Satyr Archetype

Vitality (E), Strength (S) Intelligence (T) & Initiative (J)

Free-spirited, life-loving and energetic types with an optimistic temperament.




Earth - Steadiness
Air - Influence
Fire - Dominance
Water - Conscience

Description of The Satyr

The satyrs are hedonistic and lustful types that like to live close to nature. A mix between human and animal, they live life fully and with energy and intensity. They live within the means of nature and rely on quick-thinking and intelligence to get by in life.

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