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Have you ever been told that you think too much? Intuition is a powerful tool for problem-solving and decision-making, and it’s something that intuitives are naturally caught up in. Intuitives tend to be more fascinated with novelty and change than their sensing counterparts – but why?

Novelty and variety-seeking is a valuable trait for the intuitive, as it allows them to explore and experience new things. Intuition helps us recognize patterns and anticipate the future quickly – making it an extremely useful skill in transformative experiences. Intuitives also often feel more inspired and energized when they are able to explore new ideas and possibilities, rather than simply taking what is expected of them.

However, it’s important to recognize that being an intuitive does not necessarily mean you should constantly seek out change and excitement. Intuition should be balanced with sensing, which is about being down-to-earth and accepting traditions. Intuitives who practice patience and sensitivity will often find more freedom and opportunity than those who constantly jump from one new thing to the next.

Ultimately, it’s important to recognize the power of intuition and make use of it in a balanced way. Intuition can open up our minds to possibilities, but it is also important to keep an eye on reality – and this balance is key for intuitives looking for success. Intuition is a powerful tool, and one that should be used wisely.

So, if you’re an intuitive, remember that variety-seeking can help bring new ideas and opportunities into your life – but also take time to ground yourself in reality and recognize the importance of tradition. By doing this, you’ll be able to take advantage of the full power of intuition and achieve true success.

Intuitives who practice patience, sensitivity and balance between variety-seeking and tradition will find more freedom and opportunity than those who constantly jump from one new thing to the next. Intuition is a powerful tool that can open up our minds to possibilities – but it should

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Common questions about iNtuition

What is iNtuition (N)?

iNtuition is the creative function and iNtuitives can be described as whimsical, eccentric, and unpredictable personality types. iNtuition-types tend to live varied, diverse lives. Often, iNtuitives reject material pursuits and are more interested in ideas and concepts. It is common for iNtuition dominants types to lack discipline, and to struggle to adjust to life.

Which types are the most iNtuitive?

INTJ, INFJ, ENFP and ENTP personality types have dominant iNtuition, where INFP, INTP, ENTJ and ENFJ have a more supportive, secondary iNtuition.

How do you know if you are an iNtuitive?

Do you often feel that it is hard for you to fit in? Do you find it hard to keep moving in a straight line in life? Do you enjoy intellectual topics and discussions? Are you always learning and changing as you go?

How can you develop your iNtuition?

Think outside the box. Be original. Make changes often. Don’t follow the norms and established conventions in your society. Go inside to reflect on existential questions and matters.

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