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Learn about Extroverted iNtuition and ENFPs and ENTPs

In today’s article, we will talk about the following questions: Firstly, what does extroverted iNtuition look like? Secondly, what is the difference between extroverted and introverted iNtuition? Finally, how do you develop extroverted iNtuition? If you don’t know what the cognitive functions are, take the cognitive function test here:

So what is extroverted iNtuition? The Detective function is a cognitive function found firstly in ENFPs and ENTPs, and secondarily in INFPs and INTPs. Extroverted iNtuition is a Detective and code-cracker. As a Detective, you love puzzles and patterns. If there’s a mystery to be figured out, you’re the first one to put on your goggles. Now, let’s get on with and let’s discover the pattern recognition function in full.

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What is Extroverted iNtuition?

Perhaps you’ve found yourself thinking there’s some bigger secret to be discovered. Some hidden truth to be uncovered. As an extroverted intuition, the pursuit of discovery is the most important. Firstly, you want to figure things out. People, systems, and everything in between. Nothing escapes your open and curious eyes.

Secondly, as a Detective, you like to read and predict patterns and to see and imagine what the world can be. The Detective is someone who can imagine how different conversations may play out, or read chains of events as they happen. Thanks to this function, we can also spot clues to what is really going on or predict subtle events in our environment. 

Thirdly, this cognitive function is the strongest in ENFPs and ENTPs, but any personality type can develop this function and use it to better their lives. You’ll learn how to develop this function

What does Extroverted iNtuition look like?

Firstly, the Detective function can manifest in many different ways:

  • Detectives like to ask many questions
  • They value freedom highly and resist being controlled
  • As a Ne-dom, you are focused on new opportunities and bored by details

Secondly, it can show as an ability to predict what is going to happen next. Detectives can anticipate change before it happens. Finally, you’ll recognise The Detective in others as restlessness, curiosity, a love for change. Detectives are always introducing you to new things and new possibilities. Sitting still and doing nothing is not an option for them.

What is the difference between extroverted and introverted iNtuition?

Firstly, Introverted iNtuition is more of a Philosopher. Existentially minded but often oblivious to their environment, they like to think about the inner mysteries such as life, death, and more personal questions. The extroverted iNtuitive Detective will enjoy and value these questions and can find them truly fascinating.

Secondly, as a Detective, you want to apply the fundamental truths of life in decision making. Philosophies and theories are building blocks to make new decisions and try out new things. You want to implement and spot new opportunities and you like to explore theories more hands-on. As a Detective, you ask more questions and move at a faster pace.

Thirdly, the Detective may seem more distracted and bendable than Introverted iNtuition, but it is a lot less vague and metaphysical. You are more inventive. When you go into a situation, you go in to change things and to bring transformation. When a Philosopher goes into a situation, they do so in order to understand it better. That is the difference between extroverted and introverted iNtuition.

How do you develop Extroverted iNtuition (Ne)?

Develop The Detective function by:

  • Practising open-mindedness to change
  • Asking many questions – and being open to other perspectives
  • Being open to new things – and letting go of the past
  • Giving yourself freedom – by resisting control

Interestingly, the Detective function can give you access to more opportunities if you feel stuck. Secondly, it can teach you to stand up for yourself and your own boundaries, if other people are trying to control you. Finally, it can also help you learn new things that you might otherwise miss. It can help you move on from past disappointments that are holding you back.

Learn more about the Detective

Lastly, learn more about The Detective Function in my YouTube video.

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