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INTP A 'Thinker' vs INTP T 'Doubter'

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INTP A VS INTP T. There are two typers of INTPs. One is completely sure of themselves. One is constantly looking at the world from a different perspective. Are you an INTP A 'Thinker' or an INTP T 'Doubter' Personality Type?

Learn more about the INTP A and INTP T in this video

The INTP A Thinker

The INTP A is The Thinker. This type trusts highly in their own wit and intellect. You follow the laws of reason and forethought. When challenged by other people, you hold firm in what you believe to be logical. Because you are so sure of yourself, you can sometimes make miscalculations. At times, the world doesn't operate according to the laws you believe it should follow.

Because The Thinker is less neurotic, and more confident in themselves, they tend to manifest a higher Introverted Thinking. This is for good and bad. The INTP Thinker can sometimes come off as arrogant or cocky, as they say what is on their mind without regard for how they are perceived.

To you, you are simply stating a fact. People have no reason to get upset about what you say. You are simply the messenger of the truth. As a Thinker, you will challenge people intellectually. You will critique ideas. You will suggest alternative solutions. To your advantage is that people trust your judgement. People have learnt to respect that you know what you are talking about. You have a reputation as intelligent, clever, and sometimes even ingenious. You tend to be bold in your ideas and an expert in your field.

The INTP T Doubter

The INTP T is The Doubter. It is not so much that you don't trust yourself, it's that you always believe there is more to learn. You can come off as confused because you are always running the numbers. You double-check your own maths to make sure your conclusions hold firm.

Because the INTP T type is more neurotic, they also have a more deep relationship to Extroverted Feeling and Introverted Sensing. You worry more about how you come across. You weigh your words more carefully. The Doubter fears being misunderstood. That makes you more cautious in regards to what you share and not. You will hide information or avoid speaking out as not to hurt other's feelings. At times, you feel that you're not allowed to share or speak freely on different matters. You have to adjust to social protocols. You hide your more eccentric nature as you don't want to come off as weird.

At other times, you dedicate a lot of time to avoiding misunderstandings. You work hard to explain your thought process. You reassure people that you're not trying to critique them. As a Doubter, you try to stay humble and you admit that you could be wrong. You make an effort to be democratic and to let everyone speak their peace. INTP T types try to educate other people so that you can get the team on board on your ideas.

INTP A 'Thinker' vs INTP T 'Doubter'

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