You Know You’re An INFJ When…

How do you know if you’re an INFJ?

INFJ Bingo

How to know if you’re an INFJ

You like to plan, but more for other people’s sake than your own.

How. to know if you’re an INFJ? Firstly your head is full of things you need to do for other people. You have a list of chores or expectations you cut through for friends and family members. But your own life is completely. disorganised. Maybe because you don’t have time to deal with your own mess.

“I should have told you so”

You kinda knew it was a bad idea, but you didn’t want to hurt their feelings, so you didn’t say anything. In hindsight, you regret not telling them. You think that you could have prevented a bad situation from occurring if only you would have told them sooner. Sometimes, that’s not true though.

You speak in riddles

Thirdly, you talk around a subject and you avoid being too direct or specific. As. an INFJ, you come up with vague terms and concepts to explain your feelings. How to know if you’re an INFJ? Well, first of all, people tend to find you hard to understand.

You’re suspiciously nice

You’re so nice that people start to assume that you must have ulterior motives. And honestly, sometimes you do.

Messy room, zen mind

How to know if you’re an INFJ? If people would see your living room, they wouldn’t believe you. But if they could see inside your mind, where your thoughts are neatly compartmentalized, and everything is zen, well, then there would be no doubt.

Enjoy this video of five signs you are NOT an INFJ

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