INTP – The Gnomes

INTP The Gnome Race

INTP Personality Type

The Gnomes

Wisdom (I), Wit (N) Intelligence (T) and Dexterity (P)

Highly intelligent and creative, the gnomes make excellent tinkerers, inventors and merchants. They often create small gadgets and tools to solve their problems.




Earth – Steadiness
Air – Influence
Fire – Dominance
Water – Conscience

Description of The Gnomes

Don’t underestimate a gnome. Gnomes are sharp and witty and like to play tricks on the dull mind. They rely on a combination of tactics and subterfuge to outsmart the people around them.

They are creative and quick to think on their feet and like to study the people around them. While highly intelligent, they also have a spiritual tendency and can summon spirits to gain insight into a situation in advance. So do not be surprised if they already knew you were coming and what you were planning before you knew it yourself.

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