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INFP - The Fairy Archetype

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Extroverted Feeling

The Fairy Archetype

Wisdom (I), Wit (N) Charisma (F) and Dexterity (P)

Creative and brilliant, the fairy is known for being witty, thought-provoking and a gifted healer and support, but also a trickster.




Earth - Steadiness
Air - Influence
Fire - Dominance
Water - Conscience

Description of The Fairy

The Fairy archetype is mysterious and will only rarely reveal themselves fully to another person. Often acting from behind the shadows, they are witty and rebellious and like to play. Because of their dexterity, they often rely on wit and the ability to think quick on their feet to get by in life.

Strong values and ethics, they dislike being controlled and always want to be able to do things their own way. Marching to the beat of their own drums, they are still wise and thoughtful and use foresight to understand a situation fully.

Because of this, they are often known to be guides that help people find direction and goals. And when people are hurt, the fairies can use their magic and healing powers to restore and give people new strength.

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INFP - The Fairy Archetype

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