INFP Personality Traits

THE INFP PERSONALITY TRAITS. What does it mean to say that the INFP is introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling and Perceiving and what are the four INFP personality traits? Learn more about INFP behaviour and the INFP psychology in this article.

In this article, I’ll show you:

  • Firstly, the INFP Introvert. INFPs are one of the most introverted personality types.
  • Secondly, the INFP iNtuitive. INFPs are slightly more iNtuitive than Sensory.
  • Thirdly, the INFP Feeling type. INFPs are much stronger in Feeling than Thinking.
  • Finally, the INFP Perceiving type. INFPs are slightly stronger in Perceiving than Judging.

Discover the INFP Personality Traits

The INFP Dreamer can take many different forms. Firstly, we have the INFP Healer. Secondly, the INFP Sage. Thirdly, the INFP Helper. Lastly, the INFP Mediator. Which of the INFP subtypes are you?
Learn about the INFP subtype

The INFP Introvert

The introverted subtype is a calming presence. It is important for you to protect your harmony and balance. You have a normal routine and consistent habits. Your health and balance is important to you. You are easily overwhelmed and often feel that the world is moving too quickly. You cannot keep up with all the changes and problems that come up. The INFP Healer will try your best to prepare and to study so that you can deal with anything that comes up.

You want to do the right thing and live in tune with your ethics. But, you are also afraid to put yourself in the crossfire. Have you ever been afraid of being attacked by the community? Do you fear conflict? This fear can cause you to appear bland or passive to other people. You let other people do things the way they want to.

To learn more about the Healer, check out my article on the Self-preservation instinct and Introversion

INFP iNtuition Explained

As an INFP Sage, you want to explain the mysteries of the world. You see oddities and patterns everywhere you look. The real world is hard to deal with, so you much prefer the comforts of your own imagination. You have an elaborate imagination and profound wisdom to share with other people.

However, you struggle to translate your complex beliefs to practical lifestyle choices. Because you lack practical confidence, you may sometimes lack confidence in your own ideas and theories. What you lack in confidence, you make up for in curiosity. You are completely fascinated with the world. Since an early age, you have been questioning everything around you.

This INFP subtype is easy to spot because they tend to speak their mind freely. You can be quirky and odd and slightly whimsical at times. As a sage, you communicate using odd words and expressions. You are often an outsider, detached from your environment. Because you think differently than most people, you may feel like an outsider. But you do not care what other people think about you, or at least, you will put your curiosity first.

To better your understanding of the Sage, check my article on the Enneagram 5 and iNtuition.

INFP Feeling Explained

You tend to put the needs of others before your own. This INFP subtype is highly considerate and wants to do the right thing and to be fair towards others. Have you ever felt like you always come second to other people? People do not like or value you as much as you value them. You can feel left out at times. Importantly, you want to be appreciated by others. You do your best to live a life of high integrity and ethics.

You can recognise this subtype because this type often struggles to express their more quirky ideas. The INFP Helper can be afraid to be different and to stand out because you do not want people to dislike you. You may also hold back critical thoughts or questions that could hurt or upset other people. At other times, you can let other people step on you or cross important boundaries. You may drain your energy trying to live up to other’s expectations for you.

Learn more about the INFP Helper by studying the Enneagram 2 type and Feeling.

INFP Perceiving Explained

When the influence of Perceiving is high, INFPs become fixated on what is different about them from other people. You want to go against the flow or perhaps you feel it is pointless to try to fit in or be a part of the norm. As a rebel, you ask the hard questions and focus on being honest and real with people around you.

You know you are different and that you do not fit in with everyone else. You are prepared to go against the flow even if it causes conflict and discord. The rebel is not afraid to look bad to other people, the most important thing is that you do what you feel is right to yourself.

Unlike the Sage, you do not doubt yourself much. You feel confident in yourself and your own abilities. This can make you slightly less curious, because you’re less likely to entertain new thoughts and ideas if you feel they go against your current identity or beliefs.

Check out this article about the INFP-Enneagram 4 type and Perceiving to learn more.

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