INFP Appreciation Month

INFPs have come to dominate my viewership and readership and my articles on the INFP personality type get more views than any of my other content. I have found my INFP viewers to be extremely kind, appreciative, and good hearted people. Shout out to the personality type that finds a new way to make my heart melt every day.

The comments you all write to me are some of the most sweet and encouraging. So, to give something back to all of you, this month, INFPs can get their personality type confirmed by only pledging $10 on

I love INFPs, INFPs are the best, INFPs are awesome, INFP Appreciation Month

How do you get your type confirmed? Click the button, its harmless, I swear. It will take you to a form with eight questions you can answer to get your personality type confirmed.

I love INFPs

To show all of you INFPs some love I plan to be expanding my content on INFPs even more in the coming month. That means you can expect content on INFPs, INFP Subtypes, INFP Celebrities, INFP Health, and the INFP at their best or worst.

And if you are an INFP, feel free to take this month to request some special content. Do you have any questions about INFPs? What would you like to know about INFPs? Send me a message through Patreon.

INFPs are awesome

Shoutout to INFP Joey on YouTube. Take the time to watch some of his INFP videos for some encouragement!

Also check out INTJ and INFP Coffee on YouTube for some of their awesome INFP videos:

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