The ENTP Winner Mentality Explained

ENTP Winner Mentality, ENTP Optimism, ENTP Confidence, ENFP Enthusiasm

ENTP WINNER MENTALITY. I’ve noticed that ENTPs through the help of Extroverted iNtuition and Introverted Thinking tend to hold on to optimism and great enthusiasm for problem-solving. ENTPs tend to naturally assume that they can solve any problem thrown at them. There is simply nothing that can stop you.

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You trust fully in your wit and your ability to deal with any issues. As an ENTP, you have the Cat’s Grace. That means, you always end up landing on your feet. Now, if only you could find something worthwhile to do. As an ENTP, you are always fighting the mundane experiences of real life. How do you cope doing basic tasks, and keeping up with the day to day parts of life?

It’s no wonder some ENTPs pick up Nietzsche and assume there is no meaning to life. You’ve been gifted with the intelligence and wit to solve complex problems but you are stuck doing the dishes and cleaning and you have to show up at work 40 hours a week, 9-to-5. No wonder you’re depressed. This is such an interesting contrast to the everyday ENTP optimism and confidence most people imagine. There’s so much more to an ENTP than people first assume.

The ENTP War Against Routine

As an ENTP, you’re locked in often a war against routine and for you, day to day tasks can be incredibly taxing, not to mention boring. The worst is when life feels like a never ending stream of basic chores. You would so much rather use your ENTP Winner Mentality towards something new, exciting, and challenging.

I see some ENTPs develop an antagonistic mentality in order to survive this. What many ENTPs do is they make basic chores more difficult on themselves by doing them the last minute. It’s more challenging if you make it into a deadly race against the clock. It’s more fun if you show up to school without doing the homework.

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If you’re forced to just wing it, or come up with a solution on the spot. Others manifest the ENTP winner mentality by trying to come up with creative and often funny methods for problem-solving. Finally, some just refuse to do it outright and resign themselves to a messy, chaotic environment, Uber Eats deliveries, and a string of failed classes and missed assignments. The ENTP winner mentality is a cool mentality. developed to accelerate learning and problem solving, but at the cost of making more mistakes.

How To Use The ENTP Winner Mentality To Your Advantage

There is nothing wrong with being confident. Your ability to show enthusiasm and courage in new situations is something inspiring. You teach people to keep trying. Other people are amazed by how easy you can make things seem. Your ability to improvise is a really amazing thing. There’s nothing wrong with bunkering on that confidence, even if at times, this is overconfidence. Recognise that you often take on more than you can handle and that you are sometimes unable to see your flaws and limitations clearly.

Important for you is to remember to let yourself dwell on losses. Do not run to the next challenge but take your time to process failures in life. You don’t want your energy to be about running away from loss, but rather, moving towards victory. That means, take some time after a breakup to recover. If you lost a chance at a promotion, didn’t get a job, or failed an exam, just let yourself be sad for at least a day. You’ll feel a lot lighter moving on, if you can truly let go of the past.

Rely on your ENTP enthusiasm not as an overconfidence but as a can-do attitude. It’s not that you always think you are going to win. It’s that you just really enjoy the challenge of giving your best shot. ENTPs are not people that will always come out on top, but people that enjoy trying. It doesn’t really matter so much if you win or lose, as long as you have fun and can push your wits to the limit trying to make it work.

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Do you have the ENTP winner mentality and ENTP confidence?

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