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INFJ Honour vs Justice INTJ

INFJ HONOUR VS INTJ JUSTICE. INFJs and INTJs are similar in that both types place themselves neither fully in logical discourse. Neither do they fully commit to emotional judgement. Instead, their moral compass is drawn from something in the middle, looking to honour or justice to determine what is right and wrong. Do you favour honour or do you favour justice?

INTJ Justice, INFJ Honour, INFJ Knight, INTJ Judge

Why INFJs Represent Honour and INTJs Represent Justice

INFJs and INTJs both favour iNtuition over Feeling or Thinking. Being in the middle, they base decisions neither on logic or emotion but rather on more irrational criteria. While they can employ both in decision making, they tend to gravitate more towards convention and agreements and rules rather than principles like effectiveness, generosity, or community.

INFJs are slightly stronger in Feeling, and INTJs are slightly stronger in Thinking. Justice is more logical in its nature, indicating rules or some kind of game or system. Honour is more Feeling in its nature, meaning it bases itself more on perception and value.

The INFJ Knight

I have found that the INFJ personality type is much like our representation of the Knight. INFJs at their best consider what is honourable and think about their image and their commitments to other people and society. Being a knight, you focus on doing what is right. You base your idea of what is right on your commitments to humanity and the people. It is important for you to live up to what is expected from you and to act as a positive ideal in the world. You want people to be inspired by your actions and to set a positive example.

As an INFJ, self-sacrifice is normal. You believe it is okay to set aside your own needs and feelings to try to set a positive example. You will protect even those that you dislike. More so, you have chosen to act in a way that is honourable even when it will put you at a disadvantage. That means, that even if other people choose to cheat or manipulate a situation in their advantage, you will choose to stay honest because this is the example you want to show towards the world.

Because you value honour, your face and standing is of key importance. You want to be regarded highly by others and it hurts you to have your integrity called into question. To be misunderstood, demonised or have your intentions questioned upsets you. The thought of losing face or being shown to be less than honourable calls your very soul and purpose into question. At times, the INFJ knight will act out of a misplaced duty, caring more for maintaining their positive favour with others than doing the right thing. As an INFJ, it is important to recognise this tendency towards vanity. You should be prepared to do what is right, even if other people will dislike you for it.

The INTJ Judge

The INTJ at best will consider justice and what is fair, looking to the law, fighting corruption and focusing on building a society that is fair for all. In this way, the INTJ is much like a lawman or judge.

When studying the INTJ, I have seen that INTJs are deeply bothered by unfairness. INTJs hate being discriminated against or not being rewarded for their accomplishments. They value success and power. At the same time, they dislike the idea of simply being given something for free. Imagine, because of, perhaps, your skin colour or your ability to play the social game, that you would be given an unfair advantage over others? It would make your success feel less hard earned.

The INTJ is attracted to the idea of being a fighter for justice. You dream of toppling the system and imposing a new, more fair order. You avoid illusions and will not participate in a broken game. The INTJ Judge will recognise when people are cheating in order to get ahead. That means you can see what needs to be done in order to bring back justice when people have wronged you.

When an INTJ perceives the rules of a game to be unfair, they will challenge the rules and the system. If the problems are not addressed, the INTJ may choose not to participate in the game at all. Or, more likely, they will choose to advance in the system with the goal of changing its rules.

INFJ Honour VS INTJ Justice

Justice and honour will rarely conflict, in fact, these two things have much in common. Both strive towards fairness rather than a pure generosity. Both admire skill and accomplishment, and see it as something you should strive for. There are however things that an INFJ will do that the INTJ will take issue with, and vice versa.

As an INTJ, you can rightfully perceive the INFJ as vain or obsessed with image. At times, it may seem like the INFJ is trying too hard to be liked by everyone. Sometimes, it may even seem like the INFJ will suck up to other people in order to get themselves forward. When speaking more closely to the INFJ though, it is generally clear that the INFJs intentions are in the right place – it is only that they will forget themselves at times.

Similarly, as an INFJ, it can be easy to take issue with the INTJs obsession with revenge or reclaiming justice. As an INTJ, you may sometimes believe it is right to do the wrong thing in order to bring back order and fairness in the world. The INFJ will instead argue that you should turn the other cheek. INFJs can give you an important reminder to focus on the order that you want to bring back to the world. Try to not get carried away by the thought of vengeance. Don’t miss out on the long-term goal in the fight for short-term relief.

What INFJs and INTJs Can Learn From Each Other

Have you ever felt used as an INFJ? INTJs can help you become more aware of people that take advantage of you. Have you ever felt wronged as an INTJ? The INFJ can help you get justice. Firstly, INFJs are rarely afraid to speak out for people who need it. They like the idea of being someone’s saviour or champion. INTJs love the thought of illuminating and shedding light on cruelty and evil. You like seeing through dishonesty and lies.

Secondly, the INFJs code of honour can be very inspiring for an INTJ. INFJs value being true to their word and following through on commitments. This can be something you as an INTJ will want to mimic. And as an INFJ, the INTJs code of justice may be very positive. INTJs show how important it is to establish and follow mutually beneficial rules and agreements. If you can ensure that everyone has the same chance at success, nurturing independence, you can create a society that is less reliant on you, as an INFJ, to come save it.

Finally, as an INTJ, you can show an INFJ the importance of confronting villains and unethical practices in the world head on. At times, we have to expose villains and bad behaviour. And as an INFJ, you can show the importance of, after doing this, showing forgiveness and setting a positive example going forward, giving people the chance for redemption.


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