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INFJ Body Language | INFJ Facial Expressions

Let’s talk about INFJ Body Language. What are common expressions and visual signals from an INFJ? What facial expressions do INFJ tend to make? And what is so special about the INFJ Gaze? First of all, let us get something straight.

INFJ Body Language, INFJ Facial Expressions, The INFJ Gaze

Firstly, INFJs are a complex mix of sweet and intense.

INFJs tend to have a highly deliberate and focused energy.

People assume that you always know what is going on and that you always have a plan.

At the same time, they naturally feel that they can open up around you. INFJ have an open, tolerant vibe and a disarming, understanding smile, that makes people feel welcome to share. However, at the same time, people can feel uncertain around you, as they struggle to read what is going on in our head. INFJs are hard to read, despite the fact that we are always broadcasting emotions. Let’s talk more about that.

What is special about INFJ Body Language?

First of all, what makes the INFJ special is their ability to act as chameleons. INFJs naturally mimic the body language and energy of the person they are talking to. You smile and adjust your behaviour and body language to make the other person feel related to and understood. As an INFJ, you value and want to be understood more than anything, and so, you mirror this by constantly making other people feel that way.

However, people who know you for a longer time soon become aware of this tendency in you, and so, they can find you hard to read. Is he happy because he is happy, or is he smiling because he is trying to cheer me up? How can you know the difference between the real INFJ and the broadcasted personality? We will talk more about this soon. First, let us talk about the different INFJ facial expressions and INFJ Body Language.

INFJs can easily detach from environmental stimulation, to the point where sound, as well as visual stimulation is completely lost. In this state, you only see what is in your minds inner eye. Using Introverted iNtuition, you can put yourself in a zen or trance like state, where you only see one thing, one goal or one purpose.

The INFJ Expressions

What is the INFJ Gaze?

The INFJ gaze is a deliberate, focused gaze. You look at the world with intent and focus. At the same time, the INFJs eyes are pensive and zen. You have a daydreaming quality to your gaze, and while your eyes wander, or stop to focus on one point, it can look as if you are not really present in the world or in the conversation.

However, when an INFJ looks at another person, they look with a deliberate, hunter-like quality. To look so directly, and so intently at another person, with such an understanding, kind smile, is going to either make the other person melt or run away. People can feel uncomfortable by the INFJ gaze, as it makes a person feel truly seen, and not everyone wants to let you in on that level.

What is special about the INFJ smile?

INFJs are not known to be very overy with their feelings, and those who know the INFJ well, know that INFJs often have a slight, but rarely large smile. INFJs tend to have relaxed facial expressions, with a lukewarm quality. We do not have the loudest laughter, or the warmest smile, but we have an easygoing, calm, and positive vibe.

What are some INFJ Hand Gestures?

The most common, noteable INFJ gesture is the “These are not the droids you are looking for” sway. INFJs often gesture with their palms facing towards the other person, making a relax sway with their hands, as if they are waving someone off gently.

INFJ Body Language Explained

The best way to get to know an INFJ and to get past their broadcasted personality is to broadcast the same personality back at them. INFJs are very open-minded types, so if asked, we try to reply honestly. The thing is, most people do not ask. It is easy to bask in the attention of an INFJ, and we can put so much energy on you. What people don’t always realise is that we do this in order to distract you from ourselves. So if you can mirror what we send out, and send it back to us, that will usually put us in a state where we feel more comfortable to share and open up. Plus, it makes us feel great. We treat other people how we would like to be treated ourselves. Is that weird?

Check out this video on INFJ Body Language and INFJ Facial Expressions


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1 year ago

I relate about 90 percent to this but I have a loud nervous laughter and I smile big sometimes lol

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