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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

Your human mystery

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your human mystery
What makes a person kind? What makes a person a psychopath? What makes some of us believe in a god? Why do some people go vegan? Why do people fight in wars? I’m starting up a new project centred around investigating all manners of mysteries and I’m looking to get in touch with people with great questions, such as yourself. Yeah, you. You’ve got something you’re wondering about, and we should take some time to find out the answer together.
So I’m looking for people with some kind of story or some kind of experience they’re processing. And I want to challenge you a little. Think back to something that happened to you recently. Perhaps you lost a job, perhaps you had a bad experience, or a great one. Perhaps you just started dating someone, or perhaps your friend just did. Answer these questions, and send me a message at hello@erikthor.com. I’ll select the people with the most interesting questions or stories to tell. And we’ll create a show together. The greatest show on youtube. So go get a cheap camera and microphone from your closest electronics store and let’s set up a time and place for a series of discussions.
Title: My personal mystery
Who are you?
What’s your story?
What is your question?


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