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INFJ Advanced

INFJ Advanced
The subtypes are meant to be a reflection of how you change under stress and anxiety. They can help you pinpoint positive behaviour and negative tendencies and they can make sure you remain centred and at your best. They are a part of the INFJ advanced – the in-depth snapshot of an INFJ.
You may have read many blanket descriptions about INFJs in the past, but this description can help you pinpoint an INFJ’s core tendencies and needs. Remember, that all types have struggles and issues, and that most of the unhealthy INFJ tendencies covered here are found in INFJs that are going through struggles and difficulties in their life.

INFJ: The Visionary

Balanced INFJs

Strongest intelligence: Holistic Intelligence
Balanced INFJs frequently take steps back to consider their next move. These INFJs see and imagine future scenarios before they act. They think about themselves and who they are and what they want and need. They are expressive and passionate about their visions and ideas. And they are organized and composed and think about the consequences of their actions before they speak.
These INFJs have also been able to think about healthy strategies to handle overwhelm and stress in their life. They remain in tune with what they want and their bigger goal, even under stress at work, and they keep a calm mood, even in a restless situation. In times of stress, they don’t let their pessimism and apathy cloud their judgement and true desires.
They take time to unwind and they centre themselves before they make decisions or promises. They trust their own judgement and vision and act proactively towards their goals or ideals.

inFJ: The Overwhelmed Messenger

Aggressive/anxious INFJs

Strongest intelligence: Communications intelligence
Have you met the guy or gal that recklessly throws themselves to the crowd, dancing on stages, and acts purely on instinct? These INFJs are often called chameleons, and for good reason, they have no inner compass or worldview. Whatever you put in to these INFJs, you get back. They are whatever the group is. They have no inner energy (-intuition) and instead absorb all their energy from others. But they compensate it with a great deal of passion and motivation. If you’re feeling a lack of motivation or if you are in desire for a cause, speak to an INFJ like this.
These INFJs mirror your every move and word and adjust themselves to be completely like the crowd. They do anything you ask them to without a second of thought and they give of themselves without thinking about their own needs for even a second. And they may be prone to promising things they can’t deliver. This INFJ has a high knack for communication and knows how to say the right thing to anyone.
If you ask them what interests THEM, they may not know, and let that be a reminder that this isn’t a real ESFJ you’re dealing with. This is an INFJ who has lost touch with their vision and who acts overwhelmed. Their mood is unstable and quick changing. (-introversion) They will seem very restless. There is a need for INFJs in this situation to take a step back and to calm down and to think: what do I want? Who am I? Where do I see myself in the next year? What do I think is my next step?

INtp: The Disillusioned Philosopher

Avoidant/stressed INFJs

Strongest intelligence: Analytical intelligence
You may have met these avoidant and more reclusive INFJs. In a desire to maintain the integrity of their visions and theories, they avoid crowds, people, and relationships. They have a grumpy and cold exterior often to protect themselves from being hurt. They are highly tense and seem stressed whenever you talk to them.
These INFJs are constantly telling themselves not to act on what they want, rationalizing inaction. They will often tell you it’s pointless to act because it won’t work out anyway. But they have amazing clarity and composure and lots of insight to offer. They have a lot of energy and others may be highly attracted to this energy. These INFJs are a relaxing sanctuary for many. Unexpectedly, this INFJ has a high knack for thinking. But their thinking is more critical in its nature, more focused on dismantling than building something new.
These INFJs practice detachment and are initially sceptical and critical to everything. (-feeling) You have probably never met a more cool and composed person on the surface. But their pessimism and apathy towards everything is the key that reminds you this is not a real INTP. There is a distinct lack of passion and a distinct tenseness (-judging) in their thinking and perceiving unlike the real INTP. There is a need for this INFJ to reconnect with their passion and to ease off on their own inner expectations.

infj: The Angry Aristocrat

Defensive INFJs

Strongest intelligence: Survivalism
If you push the disillusioned philosopher or the overwhelmed messenger, they may resort to this angry aristocrat mode. Acting purely on instinct (-introversion), they will mirror whatever you throw at them, your anger, your sadness, your disappointment. (-intuition) This is a purely defensive mode that INFJs use when they feel cornered.
Their key goal is to avoid being hurt by others and to pull away. Nothing they say will be true, it is only something they say to push others away. This is often the kind of INFJ that doorslams or pursues martyrdom. The desire is to feel like you are better or more morally upstanding than the other. (-feeling) These INFJs act and speak in a way that make them feel morally superior to everyone else.
Because this is an INFJ without any intrinsic energy or motivation, a good definition of this INFJ is “energy and passion” thief. (-intuition) Any energy and passion they reflect comes from the crowd and from the people around them. You won’t get any passion or energy back from these types. And their tense (-judging) and moody demeanour should also be a hint that this is a deeply unhealthy INFJ.


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