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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

What Flow Looks Like For Each Type

You may be able to be both introverted or extroverted, all depending on the situation. But if you’re an introvert, extroversion is going to put you outside your own comfort zone. Extroversion requires conscious effort for an introvert.
We have found the four letters directly translate to how you get energy and motivation while reducing stress and anxiety. A state without stress and anxiety and with a lot of energy and motivation is like a flow. And knowing your type code is knowing how you can enter into a flow. Sure, you can act and be any type, but what is it that makes you tick.
Having knowledge about how you enter into a flow is like having the key to becoming a more conscious and self realized person. When you are able to identify the key strategies to being happy in your life, you can start gaining faith in your own way and trust in your own will. Flow and energy can help you stand up to challenges in life. It can help you make more conscious choices about your life.

INXX: Insights

The Philosopher
Envisioning a scenario or coming up with a hypothesis for something through introspection. Simulating on how a situation could proceed. Thinking of an event that could occur in the future. Seeing yourself in different situations.
The Philosopher finds flow by finding and arriving at insights. So as a philosopher, to find flow, all you need is to take a step back and foresee.

ENXX: Possibilities

The Detective
Following a chain of events, seeing where a thread leads, testing out a wave, investigating a set of clues and finding out new information. Making a quick deduction about something you observe.
A Detective finds flow by making a deduction or spotting a pattern. So to enter a flow, all you have to do is make a theory about something you just saw.

ISXX: Roots

The Instructor
Thinking about something and recalling information about it. Looking at the details of something. Rehearsing ahead of a situation. Recalling how things usually go.
The Instructor arrives at flow from remembering something positive about the past. So as an instructor, to enter a flow, all you have to do is withdraw and remember.

ESXX: Stages

The Scout
Experiencing something intense and adapting to it. Living in tune with a natural flow and order. Reacting immediately to something. Jumping for the ball. Being on stage. Being aware of everyone and everything around you.
As a Scout you gain flow by finding something amazing in the world around you and by immersing yourself in it fully.

XXFJ: Messages

The Messenger
Coming up with the best way to express your feelings and your beliefs. Making all beliefs fit in harmony with each other. Organizing all your values and experiences. Forming a bigger belief system. Finding a good message you want to speak out for.
As a Messenger you find flow by coming up with a coherent and beautiful message in tune with who you are and what you believe.

XXTJ: Systems

The Architect
Coming up with the most efficient rules and decisions. Deciding which ideas work best in practice. Scoring all technical actions to see which was best. Strategizing, planning, and scheduling.
The Architect finds flow by coming up with an efficient and productive way to move a situation forward.

XXFP: Interpretations

The Reporter
Coming up with multiple possible ways to interpret something. Seeing yourself from multiple angles and perspectives. Identifying peoples intentions and values. Seeing different ways you could respond to a situation and identifying which action you like best.
The Reporter finds flow by coming up with a meaningful and beautiful interpretation of something – a pleasant way to think or to see another person or experience something.

XXTP: Codes

The Hacker
The hacker enjoys brainstorming multiple solutions to a problem. Coming up with multiple rules that could work. Learning everything about how something works. Seeing different ways you could solve a problem and deciding which solution you like the best.
TPs think in codes, seeing the world as full of codes to crack. There are subtle rules and procedures to learn about everything for you. The Hacker finds flow by mastering new codes and coming up with new solutions to something.


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