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Flavours of iNtuition

Which flavour iNtuition do you have?

Extroverted and introverted iNtuition

Two mysterious functions involved with our imagination and the personal and the world around us. One wants to go inside and to see things in an unique way. One needs to go out and speak their ideas and to express themselves freely. Which one are you?

The need for privacy

“I need to have a world of my own. To think for myself. To not be like everyone else.”
Introverted iNtuition (IN) comes off in an INXX type at its best when you can form personal thoughts and ideas and a unique mental life and an imagination hidden from others. When balanced, you have your own strong unique world. You feel secure and comfortable and aware of your inner life and your deeper thoughts and wishes.
When particularly inspired, you may even share it with other people, speaking out and expressing it even if it might frighten you. When forced, you may find yourself confining yourself to solitude or pushing yourself away from others into self-chosen hermitdom. When blocked, you may find yourself feeling agitated as you never get the much needed alone time. You feel forced to always be on for others.
Introverted iNtuitives are at their best when they can spend time practising their own imagination, considering different perspectives, dreaming, thinking, and taking time to formulate their belies and philosophy.
Introverted iNtuition comes in four flavours, yellow, red, green, and blue. Red types have a Creator pursuit. They like to use their introverted iNtuition to come up with unique insight and to create theories and philosophical belies, like I do every day. Yellow types have the Muses introverted iNtuition. They like to gain insight into who they are and are often preoccupied with their destiny or what they are meant for.
Green types have the Sages iNtuition. They are often very philosophical and oriented by a desire to prove and test their ideas and insights and if they make sense. Finally, the blue types, the warriors, are more interested in standing up for and protecting their inner world and their unique beliefs, standing up against the mass or the crowd.

The need for freedom

“I want to be able to walk my own path and to speak my mind, to say what I think without judgement.”
Extraverted iNtuition comes off in an ENXX type as a need to express yourself in the outer world, sharing your own thoughts and ideas and letting yourself be you at work, with friends and with family. When balanced, you can say and do what you want, you feel free to be yourself around others.
When particularly inspired, you may even find yourself taking time away from others to develop your ideas further, researching and studying your own unique thoughts in depth. When forced, you may find yourself saying or dramatising yourself, in an effort to demand freedom in the world around you. When blocked, you may find yourself feeling locked, stuck, and claustrophobic. You feel you can’t be yourself around others.
Extroverted iNtuitives feel at their best when they can use their imagination to scout out latent opportunities around them, seeing and being able to jump for opportunities they have, and to share their ideas with others. They want to be able to say what is on their mind without being called “insane” and they don’t want to be held back or shut down when they have an idea.
The four flavours of extroverted iNtuition are: The Sage, The Warrior, The Creator and the Muse. The Sage wants to test the waters, exploring and confirming patterns. They think like detectives, proving their ideas are real and gaining evidence and clues. The warrior on the other hand, is more strong and secure, seeking to get other people to go along with them on new opportunities, and fighting for their freedom. The creator believes in coming up with and bringing out new opportunities and possibilities that no person has come up with before. Finally, the muse is about finding their unique path, seeing where all the clues are lining up, finding their own path and where they are meant to go.
Are you more creative, or more of a fighter? Or are you more of a muse, or maybe more of a Sage? Share the article with your friends and let us know what you think.


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