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Flavours of Sensing Types

Which flavour Sensing do you have?

Extroverted and introverted Sensing

Two fascinating processes involved with understanding reality and nature. What is it and how does it manifest? Introverted Sensing is like an instructor and a teacher. 

We say history is the greatest teacher and to introverted sensing, it is not about history in a broader sense, but about roots, what we have seen and experienced. Extroverted Sensing on the other hand, comes from the perspective of the Scout, and what we see and experience in the world around us. What is happening? Where are things happening? That is where the scout is. 

A scout is always ready, comfortable in crowds, lovers of nature, and of life. When I test what type people are, Extroverted Sensors say they value and love making things happen and going with the flow. When I ask the same to introverted sensors, they say they love and enjoy observing other people from a distance.

The need for knowledge

“I want to see for myself, to have known and experienced, to have been there and known what has happened.”

Introverted Sensing is observant and nothing tends to pass by its eye. People often misunderstand it because “how can a sensory process be internal?” First, what we forget is that everything is internal, even the senses. Second, the internal stretches beyond our thoughts. When we think of the internal, we also think of our bodies, how we dress, and perhaps even our home or concept of “territory”. 

So an introverted sensor is mainly concerned with their home, territory, their dress and their identity. That is their primary interest – everything outside it is “outside their comfort zone.” That means an introverted sensor can go outside it and can consider new environments but that they may associate it with a hint of anxiety, especially when it is for a longer duration of time. Introverted Sensors like to know their territory, to know the people, to know their names, who they are, what they look like. Introverted Sensing is also your thoughts about your home, your personal situation, your history, and your situation. 

Introverted sensing comes in four flavors. The Flavor Of The Muse, The Sage, The Fighter and The Creator. Creators are oriented by creating a sense of home wherever they go, creating a place where they can feel safe, familiar, and where they have knowledge and understanding. The Muse wants to add and grow their home and territory, to gain awareness of their surroundings, to understand and to orient themselves better. The Sage will want to test their surroundings and their home, to make sure it lasts and that it will remain strong even when faced with threats. The Fighter will want to protect and stand up for their knowledge to other people, to fight for their home and to strengthen their legacy. 

The need for experience

“I want to see and experience, to be in the heat of things, the centre of attention, on stage where I feel the most alive.”

Extraverted Sensing is usually the most stereotyped function of them all. It is at its best when navigating new, interesting, active and rich environments and nature. When we go outside ourselves and our home and we visit new places, see new things, and meet new people. Think unfamiliar, but also think real. 

Real often means “how strong the sensation is”. The stronger our sensation and awareness of something is, the more real it appears. Sensors are mainly preoccupied with what they can strongly conceptualize or experience to be true. The less pressing, the less immediate, the less practical or useful, the more boring to the sensing types. The extroverted sensor will therefore also make things more real, finding more evidence, enhancing, expanding, and creating a scene around things. Extroverted sensors have a lot of stage presence and bring information to our attention. They show and tell and they spread information with others. 

There are four flavours of extroverted sensing. The Musing Scout, the Sage-like Scout, The Fighting Scout, and The Creating Scout. The Creating Scout is driven by a need to create rich experiences and events for people to enjoy, to make things happen, to bring out the joy and fun in every situation. The Fighting Scout wants to stand up for and to claim every situation for themselves, to own every situation, to be the first to a new event or to claim the spotlight. The Sage-like scout wants to be the one that always knows whats going on and what is happening. Finally, the musing scout will always want to learn from their experiences, to have new experiences, and to gain knowledge and enjoyment from what they do. 

Are you more creative, or more of a fighter? Or are you more of a muse, or maybe more of a Sage? Share the article with your friends and let us know what you think. 


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