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Extroverted Sensing | Se | The Nature Intelligence

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How To Spot An Extroverted Sensing Type | ESTP and ESFP

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Have you noticed that you have the ability to see the world around you in high definition and strong color? Can you notice things about the world most people tend to miss? Are you able to act and live in the moment and to shake away your history and bad experiences?

Then you may be an Extroverted Sensing type. Known for what Gardner called Nature intelligence, the extroverted sensing type is able to read their surroundings and information about what is happening in real time to make quick decisions based on real events and activities.

Nickname: The Adventurer, Scout, Hero
Found in flow types: ESFP, ESFJ, ESTJ, ESTP
Cognitive function: Extroverted Sensing
Primary domain: The Real World
Nature Intelligence
Body language: Fluid and concentrated eyebrow gaze
Key terms: In-The-Moment, Engaged, Observation, Information-Gathering, Nature Recognition, Alive

Extroverted Sensing | Se | The Nature Intelligence

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