ENFP – The Elves

ENFP The Elves

The ENFP Personality Type

The Elves

Vitality (E), Wit (N) Charisma (F) and Dexterity (P)

Shy, yet adventurous, this is a type that loves to explore and uncover the mysteries of the world.




Earth – Steadiness
Air – Influence
Fire – Dominance
Water – Conscience

Description of The Elves

As one of the magical races, this type is highly gifted as tamers and sorcerer. Relying on wit and energy, they are charming creatures that often see themselves as the protectors of nature and of peace in the world.

They are able to use the resources of the world to their advantage, thinking quick on their feet on how to guide or influence nature and animals in a positive way. Elves tend to be highly independent and believe freedom walks hand in hand with responsibility.

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