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How To Go From ENFP T To ENFP A In Five Steps

More than 60% of all ENFPs identify as ENFP T personality types. Firstly, the ENFP T type is more neurotic, experiences more mood swings, and often struggles with confidence and trust in themselves. How can you go from an ENFP T to ENFP A? In this article, I will show you what unhealthy enfp types look like. And then, I will explain how you can become a happy, healthy ENFP.

First of all, if you are unsure if you are an ENFP or ENFP T personality type, check out my personality test. My test not only shows if you are an ENFP A or an ENFP T, but it also shows if you are a more Playful, positive ENFP + or a more serious, industrious ENFP -. Secondly, if you want to know more about ENFPs, check out this article about the ENFP personality type.

The Unhealthy ENFP T

The ENFP Extroverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving type is known as an Explorer. But the ENFP T personality type is often more like a WhatIfer. Have you noticed that you spend more time daydreaming about the future than living it? Do you find yourself worrying about change and overthinking past decisions, going over what ifs and things you could have done or said differently?

The ENFP personality type runs on Extroverted iNtuition (Ne) Exploration. Exploration is a process in which we take in new ideas and perspectives. This function revitalises you as an ENFP. It gives you energy, enthusiasm about the future, and ideas for what to do next. As a healthy ENFP, you are able to use this function to transform your life and to bring out the best out of every situation.

The unhealthy ENFP T type often finds themselves stuck in the grip of Introverted Sensing (Si) Conservation. Conservation makes you aware of past choices and decisions you have made, and where they got you. Conservation informs your decision making and uses past experience to read and understand the consequences of different actions. While this can be useful at times, it can also cause you to become stuck in the past.

How To Become A Healthy ENFP A

How to become a healthy ENFP A

  1. Don’t be afraid of your own ideas

    Extroverted iNtuition is a playground and there is no point being afraid of change or your own ideas. Let yourself enjoy the creative process fully and try not to get in your own head about changes and decisions you are making. It’s not wrong to take a second to pace yourself once in a while, to see where you are headed and to get a status update, but ultimately, you have to keep moving forward.

  2. Recognise when overthinking has become unhealthy

    Juggling what-ifs and discussing a situation from multiple perspectives can be fun and interesting. But try to focus this process on the future instead of the past. There’s no point to thinking about what you could have done different, but there can be great use to thinking about what you could do differently tomorrow.

  3. Let Extroverted iNtuition lead you

    Extroverted iNtuition is meant to be the leader, and Introverted Sensing the follower. As an ENFP, your opportunity mentality has to go first. Conservation is there to inform your decisions, not to hold you back or to dominate your life.

  4. Develop a healthy relationship to Introverted Feeling

    Healthy ENFP A types are able to develop and maintain a strong and healthy relationship to themselves. Introverted Feeling helps you as an ENFP connect to your identity. This function builds your character and values system. You can develop a healthy relationship to Introverted Feeling by maintaining a trust and respect for yourself.

  5. Foster daily habits that help you maintain your enthusiasm and self-love

    Finally, build habits in your life so that these things stick. You are going to have good and bad days. You’re not always going to be proud of yourself and that has to be okay. Develop a security net and a set of activities so you can pick up your pieces when you fall. That can be small actions, changes, and go to hobbies or activities that you know have a positive impact on your mood and happiness.


Finally, check out this YouTube video to learn more about the healthy ENFP and unhealthy ENFP.


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