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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

Eccentric: Why INTPs Have Such Crazy Ideas

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hey intps hi infps today we are talking
about ni play my name is erik thor what i’ve
found is intps and infps enjoy
introverted intuition just like an infj
or intj would so for an infp or intp
introverted intuition is a pure
playground it’s where you get mental
relief and recharge it’s where you
re-energize if you feel tired or
stressed so what i’ve found is intps and infps they
are very prone to go down like
the rabbit hole start exploring mystery
start reflecting on philosophical
dilemmas start considering like the world from
new perspectives just for the fun of it just to recharge
just to get new perspective just to get
energy for you perspective is energy it’s not
stress it’s not anger it’s not frustration it’s
just pure energy it’s just
something that helps you reconnect so if
you’re feeling low or tired
so and play is something really
interesting and it should be contrasted
against ni flow infjs and intjs have ni flow that means
they not just get energy from ni but also see
it as their bigger meaning or purpose
they attach purpose to every single idea and
vision they have their ideas and their
visions are an extension of themselves
and what they
are meant to do in the world for an intp
or nine of peter it’s no sense of
in these ideas that they have or these
wacky thoughts or this absurdity that
they’ve conjured for
nine of p or 90p it’s purely about the
of exploring philosophical viewpoints
and hearing about new perspectives you
are you’re starting to learn you’re just
trying to hear it
you’re just curious for an infp or an
intp it’s purely about curiosity
so for you interrupted iteration is a
that means you have less limitations and
constraints than infj and itj would in
this situation
for you it can be equally fun to just
talk about a conspiracy theory or
something really wacky or crazy you
don’t need
interruption to be something serious you
don’t need it to be
something purposeful you don’t need it
to come to a conclusion with it you can
just use it to just
brainstorm just think about just go down
dig just to be curious so
and i play is very childlike in its form
and i play as just about in many ways
escaping from responsibilities a lot of
time intps and infps when pressured with
real world responsibilities
will kind of rebel by deciding to go
no and then just going into their own
black hole
just digging into something just
removing themselves from reality just
removing themselves from any stressful
or overwhelming situations
and just purely going into their own
dreamlike state
they will start fantasising about
different situations
imagining different scenarios or just
disappearing from everyone
from everything turning off your phone
you know
turning off social media all those
things can all help an INFP or an INTP
who is feeling stressed so recognising
that you have ni play
is also recognising that you have sc
adult that means for you
external sensing the real world is
something very
important you have to be responsible you
have to be present
you have to be attentive you have to
stay on top of things so for an intp or
an infp
it’s very much about staying on top of
trends and being present and being
mindful and being aware
and a lot of time when you grow older
you can disconnect a bit from ni as 9
afp or 90p
because you don’t have time anymore you
don’t have time to check back in with
yourself you don’t have time to
daydream or to entertain these
you have to work you have to be present
you have to be active you have to be out
you have to be constantly putting
yourself out there
so you have to recognize the importance
a work and play balance and being able
to not just
overwork yourself or exhaust yourself
overwhelm yourself
but also to be able to just
let go of responsibilities and to take
breaks where you can just
uh allow yourself to have creative crazy
or shy
like ideas or eccentric thoughts or to
a bit different or to have a bit of an
odd side or
a different side to what everyone else
because it’s just for laughs it’s just
for fun and it’s just about recharging
it will give you energy
and it will give you clarity and it will
give you a sense of perspective
so that’s very important if you want to
restore i want to talk about
also being able to ni in between
busyness so if the world is busy and
loud and shady
and things are happening just make a
habit out of
doing ni for fun just say something
crazy just
talk about a weird wet if just
show people a different perspective just
be different allow yourself to be
allow yourself to be outlandish at times
that’s also fun and that’s also going to
give you a bit of relief and a
laugh and a sense of okay i can keep
going i can keep pushing forward if
you’re an intp
and you want some tips to develop your
introverted intuition further i would
don’t make up your mind too quickly
gather more evidence
before you make up your mind i would
also say tune out distractions and
overwhelming such sensations because a
lot of time these things can distract
you from
forming a clear idea or getting focus i
would also say
practice going out and experimenting and
then going back in
and then processing and give yourself
time to process
that’s very important i’d also say
don’t share with people unless you feel
ready to
and don’t push yourself to explain
something that doesn’t make sense yet
give things time to develop give ideas
time to mature
i would also say practice finding
original ways to do things so don’t
follow the recipe your life don’t
do things the exact way your math
teacher told you to don’t follow every
instruction in the book
just come up with your own way of doing
things have fun coming up with new and
weird or different ways to do things and
an end yeah don’t forget
your inner child and make sure you
always reconnect with
and maintain a good relationship to your
inner child
anyways that’s ni and infps and intps i
hope you enjoyed this video and
if you have personal experiences with ni
or any tips for other
intps out there let me know in the
comments down below
thanks for watching and see you all in
the next video


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