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ENTP Cognitive Functions Meeting

Transcript (automatic)

okay team let’s be real here things are
not going so well
frankly extroverted feeling on the last
meeting we had
all you did was talk you said nothing of
value during the whole entire meeting
your yokes were a distraction from
getting anything productive done
an extraordinary intuition honestly your
ideas are just outrageous
what are you thinking when we when will
we ever have time for that
how do you expect us to be able to build
a spaceship
in a two-week time frame frame
for a school project you make no
sense an introverted sensing
i saw you sitting in the corner sulking
entire time last week and i
saw you thinking a lot of things but you
never said
anything out loud why are you not
talking why are you not saying anything
you need to be more open hey give ex
give introverted sensing a bit of a
break come on
i you know it’s not easy to be
interrupted something
just the other night she had to spend
four hours trying to figure out
logical connections for external
you know how much bullshit she has to
filter through on a daily basis
besides i feel like we did a lot last
we bonded we created a good atmosphere
we had fun
we made some good yokes i know
extraordinary intuition was
laughing a lot and at some point they
thinking i think i saw even you smirk a
little bit
unless that was rage guys guys while you
were talking i was researching this next
big trip we could make so
for our school project how about we go
to san francisco
so what we could do is we could i don’t
know do something about the bridge
or perhaps like a nice social psychology
what happens if you punch somebody in
the face on a bridge
what do they do how do people react to
that kind of a situation
or maybe punching is a bit extreme
what do you think inverted sensing what
do i think
what do i think i think you’re
absolutely outrageous
do you know do you have any idea where
we would get
the money to finance such a trip after
you spent
all our budget on stupid
purple stickers that you thought looked
cool and these
helium canteens why would we ever need
what was the point i don’t get you
and let’s be fair there is no way our
school is going to fund us going to san
to punch people in the face no no no i
think it’s actually possible
i’m really good friends with my teacher
honestly she loves me
i could get her to fund us doing
i am really good at arguing you know i
could actually argue anyone into
so if i just talk really good if i say
just the right words
i am 100 who could get this trip through
okay yeah but you’re gonna have to
promise me that you’re going to actually
get this through because i don’t want to
spend all this time researching and
thinking about it
i want to make sure 100 that we’re
going to be able to go on this trip and
if we go it’s very important for me that
we develop a clear methodology and a
clear method so that we can get this
done so
i don’t want us to just go there i want
this to have a good
scientific experiment with clear rules
and that we want to make sure we
looked at every single angle so that we
truly determine how things
work and i want us to develop some kind
of groundbreaking insight from
this so i don’t want us to just go there
because it’s fun honestly i can’t even
hear you guys because i’m
already in san francisco san francisco
eat burritos and san francisco


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