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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

The INFJ Subtypes

What I have discovered is essentially subvariations inside a type depending on their strongest cognitive functions. All INFJ share the same four core values and should all relate in part to these descriptions. Your subtype is based on personal preference: Is it more important for you to possess the truth, or is it more important to be kind and to support the human tribe?

Observers (INFJ-Ni)

Goal: To understand the truth
Fear: To be misunderstood

Deciders (INFJ-Fj)

Goal: To give to the world
Fear: To be wrong

Navigators (INFJ-Nj)

Goal: To make things happen
Fear: To be ordinary

Reviewers (INFJ-Fi)

Goal: Harmony
Fear: Conflict

INFJ Subtypes

All INFJs share a set group of six values: Responsibility, Dreams, Harmony, Kindness, Independence and Originality. Your mindset defines how you express and pursue these values, and there are four important sub-groups of INFJs to talk about. Who are they?

First, we have the red types. Red types are characterised by strong fixed views: they know what they know and they are usually very strong in their beliefs. They are beyond this strongly moral types, optimistic, hopeful, believing in the merit of hard work and following dreams. They have been taught through life that if you set your eye to something, no matter how crazy, you can get it. They are best contrasted with the green types. Far more realistic, the green types show us the benefits of learning mindsets. The focus is on growth and on gaining more awareness, and green types will adjust their path and decisions and change their mind when it is in their benefit.

Critical and constructive, green types focus on improvement and intelligent problem-solving. Where the red symbolise bravery and courage, the green symbolise ambition and intellect.

The blue types share this intellect: but they also share the reds desire for true knowledge and so, blue types will often conscientiously devote themselves to study, knowledge, and proof. What can they prove to be real? How can they test and pursue their strong beliefs in a constructive and realistic way? Think here of a Sages long, stubborn pursuit of objective truth.

Finally, we have the yellow, free-flow types. Lovers of learning and of positive thinking, they believe the best. There is always a way and things will always find a way to become better. We can adjust and learn, the sun will come back tomorrow.

Let’s dive inside and find how this impacts an INFJ.


Lovers, Creators, Caregivers and Rulers embody the below traits.

When you are red, you will have a strong conception of a “path” or “destiny” that you are working towards.You will have a strong concept of who you are, of what you are meant to do, and of where you are meant to go, and you will find yourself being fiercely independent, with a radiant and original mind. 

You will have a strong concept of harmony and a personal idea of what kindness is. You will rarely change these views – they are deep rooted in your core, and you will persevere on this and bravely stand up for yourself, even if you get scared sometimes. 

Yellow INFJs

Seekers, Muses, Healers, and Adventurers.

When you are yellow, it is more likely you will find yourself adjusting and changing a lot through your life. Your focus is to grow, to gain experiences and awareness, and to see things and to have good experiences. 

You are always seeking new insight, and you are always adjusting and fine-tuning your path as you go. Where are you going in your life? It may be hard to explain, but you know you will find your way. The journey is more important than the destination to these INFJs.

Green INFJs

Friends, Sages, Innocents and Performers

You practice a secure independence. You like to speculate and think long and hard, critically analysing your path and where you are headed, and thinking of how to reach your goals with intelligence and analytical thinking. You rule out theories and confirm your beliefs. 

You seek to be grounded and to ensure that your kindness is taken well and that it helps other people. You like to adjust your strategies as you go. You want harmony in your life and so you think carefully about who you are and what you want and what you can do to have more harmony around you. 

Blue INFJs

The Everyperson, The Rebel, The Fighter and The Protector

You know what you want, and where you are headed, and what you are meant to do, but you are not going to charge head-first towards it. You research, and you use critical thinking to analyse your progress. 

You know what is right, but you can be pragmatic, and you can think carefully about how to get the right results. You have a strong sense of self but you can set it aside in the moment if it is the smart thing to do. You can speculate and think ahead and see where you are going, and you may adjust your strategy a lot, but the end result will always stay the same. 


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