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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

Your strongest intelligences

Logical intelligence:
Your ability to apply systems or logical principles to understand the mechanics and the functions of the world. For example mathematics, feng shui, or other principles that determine how the world “should” function.
Results intelligence:
Your skill in drawing information about the value of various actions and mechanics in the world, for example in estimating the worth or the use of something, or how to best use something to get a certain results. Things that pertain to how the world actually functions.
Nature intelligence:
Your ability to understand a room or an environment and what is most important in a situation. Your skill in observation and your awareness of the people and things in your environment, who they are, what it is, what it looks like.
Historical intelligence:
Your ability to remember how a room or environment used to look or what used to be placed in what position. Your ability to memorise names and various tidbits and trivia regarding a person or a situation.
Existential intelligence:
This is about your ability to understand why a certain thing is the way it is, what made it become like this, and how things might look or appear from a theoretical or existential perspective. Your ability to reason about things that we can’t see or touch.
Patterns intelligence:
With this, you can understand what is about to happen next, what will come, what is approaching. What are the current patterns in your environment, what consequences can come of what actions, where is a story headed.
Intrapersonal intelligence:
This is the ability to understand why a person would say something, how come a person did this and not that, what emotions or motives are behind a person’s actions, and what underlying causes may have got a person feel a certain way. This is a more indirect way of understanding a person or an experience.
Interpersonal intelligence:
Thanks to this, you can gain information about the character or quality of a person or a thing, what is beautiful, bad, smart, or nice. This helps us understand when someone is treating us badly or when they are of bad character. This is a very important intelligence for dealing directly with people and relationships.


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