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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

How Does The MBTI Help You?

I use the MBTI daily to communicate better with colleagues and to overcome communication barriers and learning difficulties with other personality types. 
Using the MBTI, I become more aware of my personal cognitive bias. People don’t become stupid. They become perfectly rational beings, just different. I can find ways to accomodate their needs and to talk and to explain myself and my reasoning in a way that they can follow.
Using the MBTI, I become more respectful and tolerant to other people. I acknowledge when our values are different and, the way I see it, though we prioritise differently, we all want the same thing in the end – happiness.

We need a language for personal experiences

Thanks to the MBTI and Jungian psychology I have a language to explain personal experiences. A language we desperately need today, where people are seen in black and white as either smart or stupid, good or bad, nice or rude. We need a language for our personal experiences. Otherwise they are lost to ourselves and to other people. And where there is no language, no reason, no understanding, there is anger, sadness, and anxiety instead. Here, the MBTI and Carl Jung can address the things we worry the most about on a daily basis. Making friends, keeping friends, getting a promotion, making enough money to survive at the end of the month. The MBTI has answers we desperately need.

Using Neojungian Typology

I use Neojungian Typology to understand when a person is in a bad state and why they are in a bad state. I learn the difference between type (who we are) and development (how we have grown up to be) Really, I try to just see what a person can become, and I see past who they are at this very moment. I find ways to help them come closer to themselves. For example putting them in a good state, by asking them questions that will help put them in a flow and to respond to their own problems. I find ways to encourage people to express themselves when they judge themselves. When I write, I find ways to express other personality types through my writing. This includes creating more clear distinctions and a more honest story. When I teach, I become more patient and accommodating to each persons learning style. I started researching the MBTI because I wanted to become a better politician, more aware of people’s needs. I wanted to be smarter when building a more diverse and more inclusive society. Hopefully, I can also improve as a communicator, finding ways to reach people who otherwise might misunderstand me.

How do you make use of the MBTI in your daily life?

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