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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

Workshops: Group Discovery

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Learn to better understand both yourself and other people. Learn how differently we see the world and how complementary our different perspectives can be to a broader existence. My name is Erik Thor and I can host sessions online and in person where you and your team can explore themselves and their core passions and thinking styles.

Flow Workshops

We’re all uniquely gifted with our own talents and perspectives. But many organizations aren’t fine-tuned to work with each persons preference, and many people don’t understand their own skills and how they can contribute. We also have the opportunity to constantly grow and learn new skills, and by finding our strengths and weaknesses, we can make conscious decisions about what people we want to be and how we want to live our life. That’s why I offer my flow workshops.

  • Be guided through introspective questions and learn how you and other people, their core values, and who they are at their best
  • Come together as a group to talk about how you can use each other’s unique perspectives to make better decisions as a group.
  • Learn about different personalities and flow styles and how to organize your workplace or organization for flow.

Examples of introductory questions

Move to the leftmost corner in the room if…

  • You’ve been described as sensitive
  • You find opposing ideas and beliefs interesting
  • You prefer to solve problems by yourself
  • You’re an optimist
  • You speak loudly and with confidence
  • You seek to agree in discussions
  • You tend to stick to a decision once made
  • You live in the moment
  • You do work in a fast paced manner
  • You find it easy to prioritize
  • You tend to downplay your skills and accomplishments
  • You tend to be skeptical of new things
  • You get energy being around other people
  • You’re more focused on facts than on feelings
  • You prefer to be spontaneous
  • You’re often thinking about what’s next or the future
  • You’re an introvert – vs Extrovert
  • You’re an Intuitive – vs Sensor
  • You’re a Feeler vs Thinker
  • You’re a Judger vs Perceiver

Group discussions

How can Introverts and Extroverts connect better?

How can Intuitives and Sensors work the best with each other?

How can Feeling and Thinking types communicate better?

How can Judging and Perceiving types balance order and freedom?

Understand your team

Are you looking to better understand your team and their indidividual strengths and preferences? I can provide your team with personalized profiles and portraits so that you can understand their core strengths and abilities, as well as how to motivate them to achieve more. Create a culture where people can work and collaborate in harmony towards a shared vision. Help your teammates work on their skills and assist them in development so that they can achieve even more.

About me

I’m an expert on personality psychology, and familiar with all major systems, ranging from the Big Five, to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Enneagram. Having studied these models, I’ve developed the most accurate personality test online. I also have direct experience coaching and training groups.

Get a quote

Want to book a workshop? Book a call and let’s talk about your company and situation. Let me know in the message field what kind of organization or group it is, where you are located, and how many people might want to participate.


Get your own personalized report

Unlock a deeper understanding of yourself with our comprehensive In-Depth Personal Profile. This 30-35 page report offers unique insights into your personality, providing tailored advice for your career, well-being, and personal growth. It’s more than just a report; it’s a journey to self-discovery and personal development.

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