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What Is Neojungian Typology?

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What is Neojungian Typology? Or is it a Neojungian Psychology? And what is a flow type? I hope the following article can help clear some things up. 

What is Neojungian Typology? Neojungian Psychology? What is a flow type?

You've got four functions in flow, you need them all to be happy, but you've come to prioritise one or two over the others. Fi-dominant types hold their quest for self-awareness and peace above entrepreneurial projects or personal visions. Kind and giving Feeling Judging types may consider philosophical thoughts and daydreams to be less helpful or necessary for the sake of the tribe. 

In flow, we react by giving and introspecting and showing empathy, under stress, we may regress and pretend to be tough or play games with others to try to stay afloat. An introverted iNtuitive in the grip of Extroverted Sensing (Se) may become hyperactive or restless, an iNtuitive Judging (Nj) type in the grip of Sensing Perceiving (Sp) may become too quick to compromise and adjust to others rather than maintain their intellectual integrity. 

We've clung too long to simplistic personality descriptions that describe us in a general and ambiguous sense. Self-insight is understanding something about your feelings, emotions, and deeper values. Perhaps realising how you work and function under stress, and how you can become better at adjusting to pain or anxiety.

Using Neojungian Typology you can figure out your subtype, and learn how to deal with inner conflicts and important needs you may have neglected in yourself, finding greater balance. Most important is turning from a typology to a psychology, making psychological predictions about an individual, rather than just trying to describe a static type. 

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What Is Neojungian Typology?

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