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INFP Celebrities – Famous INFPs

What are INFPs like in fiction, movies and music? Who are some famous INFPs you can study to learn more about yourself or the INFP personality type? 

Famous INFP Celebrities

Eddie Redmayne, INFP-Fp subtype

With his unique personal portrayals and his ability to express great truths through acting, Eddie Redmayne has quickly rised in popularity.

J.K Rowling, INFP-Ni subtype

J.K Rowling posted in a few tweets many years back that she thought she was an INFJ. But when you study her way of writing, INFP is a much better fit. Her works in Harry Potter are said to have increased tolerance and mutual respect for different individuals and sub-cultures and she is known for having donated much of her fortune to various charities.

INFP-Ni subtype

The Ni-subtypes tend to be a little more on the eccentric side, and Kurt Cobain and his deep and experimental music was no exception. Known to delve down the rabbit hole, Kurt Cobain here demonstrates the “thousand yard stare” we today associate with introverted and intuitive types. 

Regina Spektor – INFP-Fp subtype 

Regina Spektor has many of the characteristics of the feeling perceiving subtype, focused on expressing her individual self-expression and her own truth through music. 

Paulo Coelho, INFP-Fi subtype

Paulo Coelho is one of the utopians of today, a true idealist who radiates harmony and understanding through his thought-provoking and poetic writing.

John Lennon, INFP-Fi subtype

John Lennon’s music was all about helping us find peace and self-acceptance. Besides his music, we remember him by his efforts to spread peace across the globe. 

Gotye, INFP-Fp subtype

Gotye has chosen a mix of art and music in one and has made some masterful works that dig deep into human psychology. 

Agatha Christie, INFP-Ni subtype

Christie is another successful INFP writer who loves a good mystery and a chance to delve deep beneath the surface through her writing and intelligent characters. 

Amal Clooney, INFP-Np subtype

Amal Clooney has become a bit of a truth teller and political provocateur, and her humorous expression and playful intuition comes through well in interviews.

Matt Smith, INFP-Np subtype

Another example of the humorous Np subtype is Matt Smith, with his defiant, rebellious and intuitive gaze. Much appreciated for his portrayal in Dr Who and The Crown. Nps tend to be highly creative and intuitively flexible types.Β 

Frodo, INFP-Fi subtype

A fictional character who radiates the INFP values of innocence and harmony and purity. The actor himself, he has a little more Extroverted Feeling actually. 

Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) INFP-Fi subtype

Book-lover Rory from Gilmore Girls dreams of going to Harvard and becoming a journalist. She’s a bit naive and innocent, but that’s a positive thing to INFPs! (The actor, Alexis Bledel may be an ISFP)

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