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What every personality type wants for their birthday

What is the best birthday gift for you and what is your personality type?


It is my girlfriends birthday today, and to celebrate, I got her a huge teddybear. If I’d pick the ideal gift for an ENFP, I would say an LP from their favourite music artist.

What would I get the other personality types for their birthday?


Apple Earpods that they can wear and use on the go. Only downside is they would probably lose them. Basically any gadget will do.


A Nintendo Switch or their favourite gaming console, whatever it is.


I could be stereotypical and say a diary, or mental health journal. Any fiction book would do. But just for fun, how about a retro gaming console from the 90s? Basically, this type loves anything retro. They should have just been time frozen in the 90s.


A fitbit wristband for the physically active or a camera for the more artistically inclined ISFPs would be great!


Universal pocket knife, but basically anything practical would be nice.


I’d help them cross something off their bucket list. Skydiving?


Singstar karaoke games!


A new shiny outfit or jacket or basically anything fluffy with an outrageous colour.


An espresso machine.

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A new tie or perhaps a car perfume?


A garden gnome or perhaps some cute cupcakes? Anything food related is a go.


A yoga retreat or meditation course. You’d think these types don’t need to get any more zen, but these types could always do with some more zen.


A cute gadget from Harry Potter or their favourite fiction. Healing crystals matching with their birth horoscope.


Nonfiction books– ENTJs are some of the most avid readers of the MBTI.


Damn, this one is basically impossible. Sorry, I really couldn’t tell you, this is the least materialistic MBTI out there. And if they do need something, they’ll buy it for themselves.

What gifts would you recommend for the different personality types? Leave your MBTI gift ideas in the comments down below.


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